10 Best Escape Room Games in the World  

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10 Best Escape Room Games in the World

Escape room games are now popular all around the world. They are a fun and exciting way of experiencing real-life mystery-solving adventures. Although the concept began in Asia first, now escape rooms are almost in every city in the world. Each one is unique in its own way, and you will miss out on many exacting themes if you stop right after searching up escape rooms near me.

If you like traveling and seek thrilling experiences and the subsequent adrenaline rush, you are at the right place. We are providing a list of the 10 best escape rooms in the world so that you can feel the excitement of an escape room game anywhere in the world. 

Here are the 10 best escape room games in the world (in no particular order) 

  1. Sherlocked Escape Room Amsterdam 

Sherlocked is one of the best escape rooms out there. Inspired by the renowned Sherlock Holmes, in this escape room, you can choose between 2 different experiences- The Architect, which involves solving the mystery of that room (time limit: 60 minutes), and The Vault, which requires you to change personas in order to steal an object from the room vault. (time limit: 80 minutes). These experiences are ideal for a group of four and can be played with anyone.  

  1. Enigma Quest In London 

Enigma Quest escape offers 3 amazing quests. You get to choose between a deep-water submarine escape room and the million-pound heist escape room. These 60 minutes puzzles challenge you to solve difficult riddles with your teammates. If you are looking for a constant thrilling experience, you should definitely visit here. 

  1. The Mr. X Mystery House Shanghai 

The Mr.X Mystery House is a famous escape room in Shanghai. This is a little different from your usual escape rooms. You get locked inside one of their 5 rooms for an hour without introducing a particular room scenario. Now, the challenge is to make use of your own skills and everything inside the room in order to escape from there.  

  1. The Room Berlin 

The Room Berlin is a famous escape room destination. They have 4 mission rooms with a time duration of 75 minutes. You may choose to treasure hunt at Humboldt University, join an internship with a ghost hunter, or help the famous Berlin investigator catch the Killer of Berlin. This escape room requires you to do everything in your power to solve the game. 

  1. Seoul Escape Room 

Seoul Escape Room is possibly the most famous escape game room in South Korea, with 6 different branches. They have diverse themes in all of their rooms, and each experience lasts around 60 minutes, but some may stretch to another hour as well.  

  1. ParaPark Escape Room Budapest 

ParaPark Escape Room is Europe’s first escape room. They offer 2 crime thriller-based escape rooms, and the time duration is 60 minutes. Perfect for quenching your thirst for a thrilling escape room experience. 

  1. Breakout Escape Games Bangalore 

Breakout Escape Games is India’s most successful escape game franchise. They have 7 movie-based escape rooms perfect for everyone. The concept is fresh, and the game designs are solid. This place is ideal for movie enthusiasts, and they even specialize in escape games for kids. 

  1. Escape Boats Dublin 

The Escape Boats is one of the best escape rooms in Ireland. They offer 2 escape games, and the teams must escape within 60 minutes. This fun puzzle game is made even more perfect by the fact that this escape room is located in Canal Dock. 

  1. The Catacombs Escape Room Paris 

The Catacombs Escape Room takes to a historical setting, and you must escape the catacombs within the stipulated time. Perfect for risk takes and thrill-seekers, this escape room is an excellent addition to our list. 

  1. Clue Chase New York  

Clue Chase Escape Room is a premier escape room facility offering 4 different and original escape room games. All the games are fantasy-based, even if the particular themes differ. Interestingly, all 4 games are interconnected. The time limit is 60 minutes, and bookings should be made in 4-14 member groups. Now pack your bags and get ready to experience real-life thrills in the world’s 10 best escape rooms! 

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