When you play Modern Warfare 3, the best MTZ-556 loadout is the close-quarters Assault Rifle with the right additions to make controlling the recoil easier. But to really make it sing, you’ll need to pair it with the right gear, tools, and perks. That’s where we come in.

More than 100 guns are available. We have a Modern Warfare 3 MTZ-556 loadout that will help you start killing people. You can start leveling up the MTZ-556 before you unlock custom loadouts and the gun itself at level 12. This is because it is one of the first weapons in the game’s fixed loadouts.

Modern Warfare 3 best MTZ-556 loadout

The close-quarters AR and the Renetti can be used together in this MTZ-556 loadout for Modern Warfare 3. The Renetti can also be used if you run out of powder during a fight. The Flash Grenade is our top pick for tactical gear because it’s great for quickly completing goals on the maps we have now. You don’t have to use Semtex here; you can use Frag Grenades instead if you’d rather. Also, make sure to get the Munitions Box Field update to make up for how fast this setup will use up ammo.

Modern Warfare 3 Latest MTZ-556 loadout and attachments

Choose the Quick-Grip Gloves to quickly switch between weapons, the Lightweight Boots to move around more quickly, and the EOD Padding to protect yourself from bombs and fire. If you want to improve your refill time on Tactical Sprint, the Infantry Vest is the way to go.

Many of the things you load are up to the dealer. But when it comes to perks, we think these work well with this MTZ-556 build:

Quick-Grip Gloves: If you run out of magazines in the middle of a fight, these will help you switch to your backup weapon faster. The longer reload time of the bigger clip is a bad thing, so being able to quickly switch to your other gun is helpful.

Running Sneakers: These are all about making your Tac-Sprint last longer and refill faster, so you can still move quickly even though you’re a little heavier.

If you can’t get out of the way in time, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from fire and explosions. This is a good choice for most loadouts. So that’s it! You can play around with it however you want, but this build seems to work well for us.

Modern Warfare 3 Latest MTZ-556 attachments

  • Magazine: 20 ROUND MAG
  • Underbarrel: XRK EDGE BW-4 HANDSTOP

Our goal was to make the MTZ-556’s Recoil Control and ADS speed faster, as you can see from the attachments we picked. The laser is used to improve these numbers but keep in mind that other players can see it. With the 20-round Mag, you can go from running to firing faster, but you’ll have to reload your gun more often. Thankfully, it also makes it faster to reload. There is an under barrel in this build that slightly hurts precision, but it more than makes up for it in handling and Aim Walking Speed.

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