WoW: 5 best Warcraft cinematics of all time

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Blizzard is known for its ingenious cinematics. We show you the five best cinematics that Warcraft has produced to date! In its more than 25-year history, Warcraft has not only experienced numerous games and expansions but also created a lot of cinematics with impressive scenes that have remained in the memory of the players. We reviewed all the videos and in-game sequences and made a list. It’s time that we present to you our top 5.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is nearing the end of its expansion cycle. The Jailer has been defeated, the Shadowlands have been saved, and Blizzard Entertainment is drumming up excitement for announcing the next World of Warcraft expansion in just less than a week. Despite the eyes of the community and the developers being fixed on the future, there are still some lingering threads from the Shadowlands left unresolved.

Patch 9.2.5 will bring numerous novel additions to the game, most notably the introduction of cross-faction play to World of Warcraft. However, a recent discovery made by a World of Warcraft player implies that it will also push the overarching plot of the Warcraft universe forward in a meaningful way

Reddit user art_prominence pointed out that one of the files in the new 9.2.5 cinematic featured a suspicious-looking seed bearing the name “The Queen’s Gift.” Those who have remained invested in World of Warcraft lore will know that this seed most likely represents the ultimate symbol of renewal for the Kaldorei people: a new Teldrassil to replace the one turned to ash by Sylvanas Windrunner in Battle for Azeroth.

While it’s unlikely that a new capital city for the Night Elves will sprout in the immediate future, stranger things have happened in the high fantasy lore of Warcraft. Coupled with the rumours of a renewed Tirisfal Glades zone, Blizzard might be interested in undoing the damage caused by the Battle for Azeroth prologue, a span of events that left Teldrassil in flames and the heart of Lordaeron buried underneath a sea of blight.

5th place: Warcraft III – end of the human campaign

Prince Arthas is still the central figure of the Warcraft universe for many players, and this cinematic has contributed significantly to that. Arthas returns victorious from Northrend after hunting Mal’ganis and finding the rune blade Frostmourne.

4th place: WoW: Legion – Varian’s Sacrifice

Many casualties on both sides marked the beginning of the Legion expansion. Though the death of Vol’jin was sad, it falls short of the heroic sacrifice of the Stormwind King, who threw himself into the demonic armies to help his comrades escape.

WoW: Legion – Yseras Tod

In Val’sharah, an area of ​​Legion, players also had to be brave. It was there that the nightmare corrupted the green dragon aspect of Ysera. The satyr Xavius ​​made Ysera his servant, and players were forced to fight her. Her passing is one of the most touching moments in Warcraft history.

Warbringer: Jaina

Warbringer: Jaina has already become a fan favourite, released ahead of Battle for Azeroth. The German translation, in particular, is praised and gives you goosebumps. Jaina travels back to the battlefield where her father Daelin died, singing a Kul Tiran folk song – warning her.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Intro

The introductory cinematic divided the gamer community when Wrath of the Lich King was released. Many found it “too boring,” but over the years, there has been more consensus on this. Hardly any video triggers more goosebumps in the players than the renewed meeting with Arthas. The letter read by his father, which describes the future of the Prince of Lordaeron – only significantly different than it came – still sends shivers down the spine of the players.

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