Pokemon GO: How to Get Tyrunt & Amaura Guide

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Trainers worldwide want to know how to get Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO, and we’re here to help. These two Pokemon are the latest additions to the game, so there is still some mystery surrounding them. Of course, people want to know how to get it as much as possible and as quickly as possible. So, let’s dive in.

Adventure Week has gone live after Pokémon GO Fest 2022, which means a couple of new debuts within the game, including Amaura. The event’s central theme is Fossil Pokémon, which means players will have plenty of opportunities to grow their overall collection.

Tyrunt is also getting a debut alongside Amaura in Adventure Week, and they both have similar paths to earning and evolving their first forms. But this guide will focus on Amaura and the second form known as Aurorus. These Pokémon appeared in Generation VI as counterparts like many other Fossil duos.

Pokémon GO – How to get Amaura

There are about four different methods that you can use to catch your Amaura during the Pokémon GO Adventure Week. The five days of the event will be your best bet at getting the new Fossil duo, but it won’t be impossible after. Chances of finding them will be far lower, so priority should still be given to this week.

The first method of getting Amaura is hatching an egg, not just any egg. Amaura has a chance to hatch in 7km eggs obtained by opening gifts from friends. However, they must be obtained during the event week, and any 7km eggs from before will not have a chance at Fossils.

Field Research tasks are one of the easiest methods for getting an Amaura or a Tyrunt. If you happen to get challenges labeled with “Walk 5km” or “Spin 25 PokéStops,” these will have a chance for a debut Fossil Pokémon encounter. Other Field Research should be dropped if you want these specific Fossils.
In the Adventure Week challenges themselves, there is one at the bottom of the list that gives a chance for an Amaura encounter. This challenge is labeled “Earn 5 candies exploring with your buddy” and could take longer than you expect. Five candies can translate to 10-15km.

How to Get Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO

There are several ways to get Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO at the time of writing. Adventure Week is happening now, which is the event that introduced the two newcomers. Therefore, you have more options to get Amaura and Tyrunt than might be the case in the future. So, first off, you can run into these two in wild encounters. The official event post implies that Amaura appears from 11 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 2 PM local time, Tyrunt from 12 PM to 1:00 PM and from 2 PM to 3 PM local time. Keep those in mind. The second potential source of both these creatures is 7km Eggs. This will probably remain true even after Adventure Week wraps up.

While the event is still in full swing, a perfect way to get Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO is to do Field Research and Timed Research Tasks. We’ve covered those in detail in our Adventure Week Field Research Tasks 2022 guide, but there are only a few that concern the two we’re talking about. Namely, you need to spin twenty-five PokeStops and walk five kilometers to earn an encounter with either of the two.

Pokémon GO – How to evolve Amaura into Aurorus

To get an Aurorus in Pokémon, you’ll need at least 50 Amaura candies. This takes, on average, about 17 different catches without any boosts or transfers. Of course, Pinap Berries can help with this process.
Once you have enough Amaura candies, the 50 is all you will need, as most Fossil duos only have one other form. The catch with Aurorus is that the evolution must happen during nighttime. On the other hand, getting a Tyrunt evolution will require the process to happen during the day

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