Fortnite Reveals Zero Build Mode

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Fortnite is a game that gets updated constantly, but it’s making serious waves this season after a controversial building was removed. One of the standout aspects of battle royale, the building is officially back in Fortnite with the latest update.

The popular, free-to-play Epic Games title has entered its second week of Chapter Three, Season Two. Aside from a few POI updates, the most significant physical change of the season came in the form of no building at all. Playing through the game’s ongoing story, a supposed leak revealed that a Fortnite no-build mode could be permanent. While this turns out to be accurate, players can now play the “normal” version of Fortnite, thanks to its latest update.

Many Fortnite players were unsure whether the “No Build” mode would remain in the game, but now on March 29, Epic has gotten severe. A trailer and four new methods now adorn the players’ choices in their collection of activities.

What did Epic remove in Fortnite? In Fortnite, the famous and, at the same time, hated characteristic has been removed – Building. On the release of the second season of the battle royale shooter, players were surprised when they entered matches, but no building was available.

Sloane, a Fortnite story character, disabled building, made for more brutal battlefield battles. Despite this, many players had fun finally landing on the map without getting involved in sweaty construction battles. Many players feared that the no-build mode was temporary and would say goodbye on March 29.

Last weekend, the building was temporarily removed from the game. New movement abilities have also been added – sprint, cover, shoulder hit- and an extra shield. Now, after the rumours, the change is permanent.

Zero Build is available in the Discover menu and can be played as Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlists. Epic is also adding three new weapons to the game. Anvil Rocket Launcher can lock car targets; Get it from Regular and Rare Chests, in Seven Supply and IO Chests, Supply Drops, and Sharks. Then there is the MK-Seven assault rifle or the combat assault rifle. The former has a red dot scope, while the latter has recoil that increases the weapon’s power.

Several of the new mechanics introduced with the mode – including the mantle, the use of Ascenders aboard airships, and the overcoat, will also be featured in this model. Alternatively, you can choose the standard battle royale mode to enjoy the old school building game.

The new patch is the first patch to hit Fortnite Island during Chapter 3, Season 2, and joins other recent additions like the Omni Sword, siege cannons, IO airships, and a new battle pass that includes Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Prowler. Epic Games also kicked off the season by donating all proceeds from Fortnite to Ukrainian relief funds, for which the company has already raised $70 million.

To build or not to build? You have the choice!

The jetpacks in the vault can be seen, including a giant rocket launcher with which you can quickly get rid of the pesky tanks and lots of banging. Epic refers to the four modes for solo, duos, trios and teams as “zero building” and can be accessed and selected in the menu since March 29th.

What do the players say about the decision? The response from the community below the trailer is consistently positive. They comment with statements like:

  • “This trailer is really sick! Honestly, I love not building!” – Placid
  • “I really love the new no-building because the game feels super new and you have to think about how to play without building. Great work, Epic!” – Zefew
  • “The game is so fresh without the building! Reminds me of the OG days.” – prize

Fortnite can maintain its recognizable character and remain enjoyable for many “non-pawns” with this decision. Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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