Destiny 2 is Bringing new PvP event in Season 17

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The worm is currently in Destiny 2 PvP. Crucible players who log into Lord Shaxx daily are annoyed, reporting more and more encounters with opponents in PvP matches where things can’t go their way. The reason is cheating programs and hardware, which are easy to come by and not detected by Bungie.

In the latest TWaB (“This Week at Bungie” blog), Destiny 2 announced that it would be revisiting the deprecated Iron Banner and making it an event. But what sounds interesting, unfortunately, also has a bitter aftertaste for me. Because in Destiny 2, there are more and more players using unrecognizable “cheats” to dominate the Crucible around the house.

Which cheats are they? Currently, mainly hardware cheats are being used more and more often by fraudsters in the Crucible and can also smuggle past Bungie and BattlEye, the Destiny 2 anti-cheat system, unnoticed. However, we will not elaborate on which of these are specific. However, the device imitates original accessories, and you can’t tell the difference between a controller or a mouse and keyboard being connected. The hardware is installed in no time, and players can either use a mouse and keyboard on the console or use a controller on different consoles.

However, this helpful hardware is exploited: what is supposed to be a helpful tool has turned into a nasty cheat problem in Destiny 2. Because obviously, Bungie cannot reliably recognize this manipulation as such. My last rounds in the Crucible also included extraordinary experiences. You meet players who continuously hand out headshots in the kill feed in almost every match. Even if you’re good at PvP, it’s not possible.

However, if such hardware is used, it could ensure that players still get remarkably effective aim assist. This allows multiple consecutive headshots across the entire map without any problems.

Actions carried out in quick succession also send you back to the boards repeatedly in the matches. You hardly have time to react in a duel because your own reaction time can no longer keep up. Therefore, the options built into the tool via scripts and macros are advantages for me that will make the crucible more and more unfair if nothing is done about it. Or does that sound fair to you?

  • Anti-recoil settings, for example, ensure that no weapon warps.
  • An aim assists that still works over longer distances. Then, in Destiny 2, those players can effortlessly track a moving enemy, whether they’re moving slow, fast, or jumping.
  • A fully automatic firing mode ensures weapons shoot faster and have a more significant impact than manual aiming.
  • And even melee combat is optimized, allowing you to perform a quick melee attack followed by a quick shot from a shotgun.

While these hardware cheats have been around for several years and have been marketed on other AAA games, they are being promoted more actively. In addition, the devices have received enormous support through word of mouth in the community.

Over the past few weeks, I have looked at how large this user community has become. Hardware users exchange information on settings and options via forums, YouTube and a Discord server. Comments on how funny it is to send other players to their deaths quickly can also be found there. Of course, you can also quickly achieve every triumph, an outrageous K/D and the top of the ranking list in Destiny 2, even in the PvP endgame.

Why are these players not banned? Officially, using such hardware violates Bungie’s Terms of Service. Manufacturers of such hardware also expressly point this out again and again.

However, this does not stop players from getting the device because the risk of a ban is far too low. The codes, scripts and macros only run on the device, and the console recognizes this as “normal” input. In addition, the game code is not interfered with here either. It cannot be recognized by anti-cheat systems such as BattlEye, which is supposed to uncover such aimbots, wallhacks, etc. other atrocities.

More variety for Destiny 2’s PvP

With the team unveiled the changes in a post, the competitive modes should be dusted off again. This is also very necessary because PvP suffers from cheaters, matchmaking that needs improvement, a missing ranking list, and the same content repeatedly.

Hardly any new content has appeared for the game’s PvP in years. The developers, who want to offer more variety with an Iron Banner event and new modes, have also noticed. An Iron Banner event, expected to take place on May 31 and June 12, will bring the new “Rift” mode into play, but only for a limited time during the event. In Season 18 only, the model should become part of the Crucible rotation.

For added variety, Iron Banner modes should change more frequently. “Basically, we plan to change the Iron Banner mode season by season. Sometimes it will be a completely new mode or a returning mode; sometimes it will be an existing mode with new challenges,” the post says.

If the developer doesn’t change anything here, it might ruin the fun of the new Iron Banner PvP event and other PvP activities for players.

Has it also happened to you that strange things happen in the crucible that you can’t explain? Or players who never die and throw headshot after headshot from the hip? Maybe you even use such a tool or know someone who does? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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