Where to find the thief and the final log

The story of the sixth season is picking up speed. Fortnite has been expanded to include the first Spire challenges. One of those challenges is to find the thief somewhere on the island. Once you find the thief, you also need to find what is called the final log. This character and item provide further insight into the tower and what goes on on the island. Hence, those who have kept pace with the lore should be excited. You will unlock these challenges after speaking to Tarana and finding artifacts in Boney Burbs. This is where you can find the thief and the final log in Fortnite.

Where to find the thief in Fortnite

The thief is Raz, who can be found at Colossal Crops. It is located on the upper floor of the large main building. Since he’s just an NPC, watch out for the speech bubble icon and you will find him in no time.

With Colossal Crops being a popular drop spot and with tons of players trying to complete their challenges, watch out for enemies when you are on your way to Raz. When you find him, speak to him and select the Spire option. After exchanging a few words, he’ll give you your next Spire quest: find the final log.

Where can I find the last log?

The final log isn’t far from Raz so you don’t have to go too far out of the way to complete this challenge. After talking to Raz, jump off the balcony and look at the corn field. The last log is wedged in a wall that connects to the west side of the building where Raz is located. It has a distinct blue sheen, making it hard to miss.

After the recording, a mysterious dialogue will play. This is likely preparation for later in the season, but at the moment it doesn’t mean much to us at all. Return to Raz with the log in hand and he will give you the next quest step. You’ll need to complete 5 unusual or rarer quests while Raz decrypts the log, but once he’s done you have a lot more work to do.

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