Where to find rock roses – economic stimulus

One of the required items for the very important task of business development in Monster Hunter Riseis the rock rose and Rock roses can only be found on the Sandy Plains map. In contrast to the King Rhino, which is also needed for the same task, these sandy flowers are very easy to find with little effort. Below is exactly where to find some.

Where to find rock roses needed for the economic stimulation quest in Monster Hunter Rise

Rock Roses are rare flowers, but luckily, Sandy Plains have a few spots where you can easily find them. To start, look for the Desert Rose node exactly as shown in the thumbnail. These are dotted around the vast desert of this biome, but if you want to save time searching, go exactly where I’m going to mention them.

Since the above image is pretty obvious, it also shows the simplest location of this desert rose. It is literally left over from the camp that you start when you jump into the map. Fall down the path that leads to the area and it should be accessible with just a wirebug swing.

Other nodes for getting stone roses in Monster Hunter Rise are between regions 4 and 5 on a northern cliff. Sector 12 has a nod right in the middle, which makes identification extremely easy. These are the most accessible desert rose bushes in Sandy Plains, but if you walk around for a while you might discover even more. However, you will hardly need it if you only drive through the named regions, so due to time constraints only farm the ones found in the named regions. Also, don’t forget that the Level 2 Geologist skill can help you gather the amount you want even faster.

Since stone roses are needed for economic revitalization, you can imagine that they are a coveted material. When the specific quest is completed, another Argosy submarine will be unlocked for you to use. Hence it is of great importance. The previously mentioned King Rhinoceros and Bismuth prisms are the rest of the items needed for this mission. So collect them all to earn a new sub.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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