Weird West gameplay reveals different ways to defeat evil

THE WolfEye Studios together with the Return Digital revealed a new gameplay for Weird West, showing the variety of actions the player can perform during the game. In addition to the traditional shooting and dropping of bombs, the game allows you to interact with objects and complete missions in very peculiar ways.

The video is commented by Raf Colantonio, creative director of WolfEye Studios, which exemplifies in detail this type of gameplay.

Discover a dark fantasy retelling of the Old West, where lawmen and gunmen share the frontier with fantastical creatures. Journey through the origin stories of a group of atypical heroes, made legends by the decisions you make in an unforgiving land. Each journey is unique and tailored to the actions you take – a series of high-risk stories where everything counts and the world reacts to the choices you make. Form a squad or venture alone into the supernatural confines of Weird West and create your own legend.

Weird West will come to Xbox on the day January 11, 2022.

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