Warframe update 1.89 patch notes on August 26

Digital Extremes has launched the great expansion Heart of Deimos for WarframeWe have the full patch notes for this game update on August 25.

the Warframe update 1.89 It is now available to download for PS4, XBox One and PC. On the PS4, the download size is 5.9 GB, depending on the platform, the size may vary.

Warframe Heart of Deimos patch 1.89 notes


Controller changes and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the controller toggle buttons would behave incorrectly and temporarily stop responding.
  • Fixed inability to go to the details page of selected market items when the dropdown menu is open with a controller.

PS4 Specific Notes:

  • Fixed crash under poor network conditions

The abandoned Orokin nodes will find a new home in orbit around Mars and no longer need keys to play! Credit and Resource costs of all Keys in your Inventory or in progress at the Foundry will be refunded, while Navigation Coordinates can be sold for additional Credits (see below). Once Heart of Deimos is released, the abandoned node will become Deimos, along with two new nodes: Cambion Drift and Necralisk!

This begs the question: What Happens to Players in Steel Path? You get a unique Emote and Trophy for each region you have completed, but if the Derelicts are not on the map, how will you get these rewards?

The answer is: After the release of Heart of Deimos, finishing the Deimos region will give you BOTH Deimos and Derelict rewards, regardless of whether you’ve previously finished with the Derelicts. This way everyone has a chance to finish their entire set, and both areas are thematically respected: the original Derelicts and the new Deimos landscape.

General additions:

  • Navigation coordinates can be sold for 25 credits and Lephantis navigation coordinates for 500 credits.

UI Reskins:
Since our developer workshops in early 2020, we’ve made a lot of progress behind the scenes on UI updates and changes. The end of mission redesign is coming up and stick to the feedback we receive as well as our own guidance to better showcase your Warframes and the Warframes in your squad!

The inbox user interface:

Many generic UI screens will also be updated! Like the ‘FILTER MODES’ screen, when adding a custom Loc-Pin in a free mode mission, selecting Friends to batch delete, etc.


Zephyr Airburst changes:

Zephyr’s Airburst ability will have 2 behaviors based on whether you are HOLDING to cast vs TAP to cast:

  • The original functionality of Zephyr’s Airburst will soon be activated upon HOLD to cast.
    • Generates an enormously dense blast of air that explodes on contact, sending enemies flying. Throw Airbursts at tornadoes to make them grow.
  • By TOUCHING Zephyr’s Airburst, it will soon suck in enemies instead of pushing them away.
  • Airburst projectile speed increased by 50%.
  • Airburst launch animation speed increased by 20%.

Trinity Well of Life changes:

Well of Life now passively heals allies in a radius around the target (base 100 health per second at 8 yards). Shooting the held target grants bonus health to all allies in range (base 1% of the damage dealt to the victim) rather than just the person who made the attack.

Well of Life also does not increase the target’s health (this was an old solution to prevent other players from killing the target too quickly). Instead, she now uses a more modern approach similar to Nyx’s Mind Control, where damage is stored and dealt at the end of the ability.

General changes to Warframe abilities:

  • Cold status effects increased from 1 to 6 for these Frost abilities (bringing you back to previous status changes):
    • Freeze (area of ​​effect)
    • Ice wave (slow)
    • Avalanche (slow)
  • Ivara’s Artemis Bow will have a 20% status chance per projectile. Also slightly changed how Status Chance and Multi Shot are displayed in Arsenal stats.
  • Made Loki’s lure more visible with darker Energy colors and will be using secondary Energy colors soon.
  • Modified Mag’s Greedy Pull to stop for 0.75 seconds (from 1.0)
  • Wukong’s Iron Staff will have a 100% damage block.
    • All melee weapons are designed to have perfect lockdown after Melee 3.0, Wukong’s staff just bypassed.

General changes:

  • Damage Conversion from Operator Amps Arcanes will be converted to 98% max so they can always deal a bit of Void damage.
  • The Defense alarm will soon sound at the beginning of each Wave in Orokin Defense missions.
  • Added ‘Infinite’ UI symbol to Zeniths Secondary Fire Punch.
  • Jackal Grid Wall’s damage attack increased, but its ability to apply a status effect was removed.
  • Added a rotating Revive animation of Parazon when Reviving a player with the Parazon equipped.
  • Improved AI route flow in Corpus Ship tiles.
  • Unintentional soiling has been removed from items in the Limbo Limina collection.
  • Each squadmate will soon get a single drop of Dojo Pigment for every enemy killed, instead of 1 player getting 1-4 Pigments.
  • Updated the Dojo decorations named ‘Solaris’ to ‘Orb Vallis’.
  • Made a slight increase in the size of the muzzle flash to improve visibility on Corinth Prime.
  • Improved melee grab special effects on all Prime, Syndicate, Prism, etc. weapons
  • FX pulses were added to the K-Drive Race points. A rogue point was also removed in one of the Orb Vallis races.
  • Cleaned the Lenz FX.

Railjack fixes:

  • Fixed projectile armaments (such as Apoc) were not getting the Hyperstrike Avionic damage bonus.
  • Fixed Valence’s Fusion failing between Tier 2 armaments with a “perfect” stat roll and a Tier 3 armament with a lower stat roll.
  • Fixed the Client’s player being able to start a Railjack mission after being invited to the Host’s Orbiter.
  • Fixed “Kill Asteroid Base Commander” POI on Saturn spawning Kosma enemies instead of spin enemies.
  • Fixed the placeholder text appearing when piloting Railjack with the Tactical Menu open.
  • Fixed Avionics not stacking at the end of Mission screen rewards.
  • Fixed the ability to open the Orbiter Gear screen when in Railjack.

Nightwave fixes:

  • Fixed the “Venus Miner” Nightwave Law not tracking mining performed on Deck 12.

The full list of fixes will be released once Heart of Deimos: Update 29 is available, but here are some highlights:

  • Fixed The Profit-Taker – Phase 3 Meso I1 Relic bounty not Radiant.
  • Fixed Pax Bolt / Seeker not firing on equipped primary Kitguns.
  • Fixed inability to launch previously unlocked Steel Path nodes if there is an active Quest mission on that node.
  • Fixed numerous issues with broken K-Drive races for clients, such as the inability to start a race that the host just completed, no score is recorded if both host and client do the same race and clients start the host’s race for them when selecting a Race.
  • Fixed the Athodai Alt Fire only depleting the magazine by 24 ammo (the default) instead of draining the magazine to 0 as intended when equipped with Magazine Capacity Increase Mods.
  • Fixed a location where drones in the Plains of Eidolon bounties could get stuck inside a shop.
  • Fixed Diriga and NPCs not firing Sapping Osprey mines (they will prioritize enemies first, however).
  • Fixed the appearance of Veratria Blade and Whip affecting the reliability of heavy attacks.
  • Fixed enemies on Landing Ships not counting towards the number of enemies alive until they fell, causing some spawn count issues.
  • Fixed regular mission objective markers appearing in Granum Void.
  • Fixed the Vapos enemies and various items introduced in the Gas City remaster missing from the Codex, even though they were showing as scannable. The following will now appear in your Codex:
    • Biogas barrel
    • Helium barrel
    • Cable
    • Vector shield
    • Vapos Detron Ranger
    • Sniper Ranger vapos
    • Tech Ranger vapos
    • Vapos Nullfier Ranger
    • Worn tubes

Source: Warframe forum