War Selection update patch notes for August 22

The strategy game War selection received a new update on Steam on August 22. We have the full patch notes for this update.

the War Selection Update (Build 5445972) is now available to download on Steam. Patch includes Torpedo Ship, Scout, Return to Match. Balance correction.

War Selection Build 5445972 Patch Notes – Aug 22

** Basic: *** After an error in the application, you can revert to the current network match

  • New Units Added: Scout, Torpedo Ship
  • A scout is awarded to each player at the start of the match.
  • An industrial age “stable” building was added to which the following units have been moved: Rider, Zamburak, Red Devil, Anti-Aircraft Tachanka.
  • Weapons can be used without waiting for the others to reload.

** Interfaces: *** Firing units rarely have a weapon reload indicator

  • In many places, player names are now displayed in the proper font.
  • Interfaces can be shortened
  • Added button for automatic interface scaling
  • When you mouse over the unit / building queue button, information about the unit / building is displayed

** Bugs fixed: *** The unit that is tasked with attacking the already attacking target restarts the attack process and starts over.


** Stone Age: *** Altar: the explorer can be trained

** Early Europe: *** Hardworking – Build walls 20% faster

  • Axeman: Movement speed reduced from 60 to 50

** Early Asia: *** Hardworking – Build walls 20% faster

** Western Europe: *** Hardworking – Build walls 10% faster

** Eastern Europe: *** Hardworking – Build walls 10% faster

** West Asia: *** Hardworking – Build walls 10% faster

** East Asia: *** Hardworking – Build walls 10% faster

** Industrial Revolution: *** Light Bomber: Health increased from 150 to 200

** Germany: *** Big Bertha: movement speed reduced from 25 to 20, building price in the field increased from 500/400/1000 to 700/600/1400, time between attacks increased from 14 to 15 seconds, distance minimum attack increased from 50 to 80

** Russian Empire: *** Soldier: Grenade throw distance reduced from 150 to 90

Source: Steam

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