Vermintide 2 Update 3.2 September 9 Patch Notes

Fatshark has released an update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Full details on this September 9 game update can be found below.

the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update 3.2 is now available for PC. Today’s update includes bug fixes and optimizations. At the moment we only know that this patch has been released on Steam, we do not know if there is a comparable console update.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch 3.2 Notes

Quality of life

End of round
  • Added the ability to speed up the rewards popup by pressing [space]/[esc] on PC or [A] on Xbox or [circle] on PS4 while the pop-up is present.

  • Summer results screen animations triple sped up, and chest updated while keeping space or “confirmed” in controllers.

  • The rewards popup now requires a “press” event instead of a “hold” for the player to have a chance to react upon receiving the level reward chest.

Spoils of war
  • [space] is now the same as pressing the “open” button to open the chest on the loot of war screen.

  • [space] now reveals all loot in the chest.

  • [space] Now closes loot preview screen if all loot is open.

  • Chest selection is now preserved when returning to the item grid, unless there are no more instances of the selected chest type, then reverts to the usual behavior of selecting the first chest on the current active page.

  • Animation creation sped up.

  • Added a fast fill rescue grid with a specified rarity.

  • Added button to clear salvage grid.

  • You no longer need to add the article back to the update window to continue updating the article.

How to play

  • While waiting, players can now read interesting Lore-Tips that are visible at the bottom of the loading screen.
    Known issues: QoL recovery only works for the PC UI so far, looking to add it to the gamepad UI.

General fixes / adjustments

  • Fixed various localization issues.

  • Fixed a sound issue with ‘Curse of Camaraderie’ that would occur if a player left the lobby while they were too far from their allies.

  • Filled a hole in the ground by Helmgart Skittergate’s control panel.

  • Rasknitt Arena should now spawn fewer enemies underground.

  • Sienna cannot Firewalk where there is no longer enough space.

  • Morrslieb has been told that it does not create overlapping moons during some climatic variations.

  • Bots should now navigate a particularly frustrating area with much less frustration.

Festering earth



  • Longbows with DoT talent (s) now only apply DoT when expected.

  • Fixed an animation bug with the Executioners light attack chain (specifically the transition between an interrupted light 1 and a light 2).

  • Foot Knight – Rock of the Reikland – No longer removes damage reduction from aura.

  • Grail Knight – Fixed so that the Grail Knight’s health regen buff no longer massively slows or completely stops the temporary HP decline.



  • Longbows with DoT talent (s) now only apply DoT when expected.

  • Maid – Power of Pain: Fixed an issue where the talent was not applying the proper critical strike chance bonus as expected.

  • 1h Ax: Thrust attack critical strike chance reverted to 20%, reduced to 10% after beta.

Source: Steam