Valorant: Best Killjoy Icebox Setups

It’s no secret that Killjoy is a true defensive powerhouse on almost every map Appreciation. Her turret provides unparalleled information, her alarm bot gives insane debuffing, and her swarm grenades wipe up anything that survives the rest. She can be an incredibly powerful agent in the right hands, but requires a fair amount of gameplay to be used effectively. That’s why we’ve looked at every map including Haven, Split, Bind, and Ascent to give you incredible setups to use defensively. There is one final card, however (for now, at least) and that is what we’re going to cover today. In this guide, I’ll explain the best way to use Killjoy on the Icebox in map Appreciation!

Appreciation: Best setups for Killjoy on Icebox

Appreciation Killjoy Site A.

As with the previous guides, the tower Spots are marked in black, the Alarm bot spots marked in red and Swarm grenades marked blue. As for A-Site, Killjoy has some pretty solid turret points. This is mainly due to the fact that the enemy has to pass a fairly large choke point, which means your tower only has a couple of spots that need to be checked. Just be sure to vary it over the few spots to keep enemies busy. The alert bot spots are pretty normal and only look for enemies that are engaging on the site. The swarm grenades, on the other hand, can either complement the alarm bots or gain time by refusing to plant bombs on the standard factory premises. Nothing too exciting here, but a few things worth considering anyway.

Special mention – middle

I don’t usually give setups for Mid, but Icebox is an exception to this rule. If you ever have a kitchen in hand (which isn’t the best, but can be done), throwing your tower up at this point for information can be helpful. It’s also pretty hard to hit when placed correctly, which means some free damage is waiting for you. You can also toss your alarm bot and swarm grenades into the kitchen for a quick kill (… I never said I was good at puns).

Location B.

I’m not going to try to sugar-coat it. Site B on Icebox is arguably the worst Killjoy has to offer in any country Appreciation. Your tower spots are in order as there are many long lines of sight to be observed for both the middle and long corridor to the B location. You can even put your tower in the back by the snowman if you wish. The problem is your swarm grenades and alarm bot, which offer very little beyond their most basic purpose. Most of the time, they gain little in value elsewhere. Your alarm bot is well suited to watch a full commit for the site and for enemies behind yellow. Otherwise, your swarm grenades are best used to deny the facility’s two default locations.

All in all, I hope you have some value here in effectively using Killjoy on Icebox. Personally, I’m not suggesting because it’s difficult to keep a B-site, but if you find yourself wanting to play it, it should at least offer solid value. If so, let me know in the comments below. Also, share it with others so that it can help others!

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