Valorant: Best Killjoy Bind Setups

It’s almost surprising how much value you can get out of Killjoy Appreciation. Throw your turret into a long line of sight position and solid chip damage and information can result. Keep your alarm bot near a choke point and it will cause some devastating debilitation. That plus swarm grenades to deny a push or cause massive damage, and you’ve got an all-round amazing character. However, in order for these to work together, you need to have a wealth of knowledge of their best skills. We have already given support for Split, Haven and Ascent. We encourage you to look around. But if you’re looking for more information, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here are the best Killjoy setups Appreciation Tie for the card.

Appreciation Killjoy bind setups

Location A.

As with all of our other guides for Killjoy, tower Spots are marked in black, Alarm bot red spots and Swarm grenade Spots in blue. A site of bind actually features a wide variety of turret points that can surprise the enemy. The spots to the left of the showers can provide some great information for enemies engaging in the construction site and, of course, those who come out of the showers themselves. You can find plenty of success in towers on the truck, in the sky, or in the corner near lamps. The ones on top of the stacked wooden boxes and on the sheet metal can also be nice if you fancy something fresh.

The alarm bot spots are pretty normal, they are at the entrance of showers and in combination with swarm grenades. All of them can wreak havoc. Otherwise, the swarm grenades at the standard locations can help delay the enemy spike plant and buy your team valuable time.

Location B.

If you switch to location B, your options are significantly more limited. That said, one of the most powerful alarm bot setups in the game is right below the window here. This is especially good as the lack of an audio cue means that enemies have no way of knowing until they’ve already jumped out. The swarm grenades are of course there to melt those caught in the confusion. The other alarm bot and swarm grenade points are ideal for covering standard plant locations and in the tube. In addition, these four tower points are the best choices for free damage. The one right behind the tube can be especially cheeky during pistol rounds as it’s hard to hit and can do a lot of chip damage to your team.

While that covers most things, a few nasty setups in the window can still do some nice damage. In particular, a tower on the boxes in the back corner can catch anyone who commits to a push. The alarm bot and the swarm grenade are, of course, there to do adequate damage to anyone who dares to rush here. We don’t recommend putting your gear up here too often, but unpredictability can always be your best friend.

These are the best setups on Bind for Killjoy in Appreciation! Hopefully this guide has helped you get the most out of the character, along with all of our others. Be on the lookout shortly for an Icebox installation guide to round out the list of setups.

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