Valheim Update 0.150.3 patch notes

The update 0.150.3 has arrived for Valheim. Here is the full list of changes and fixes in this latest patch.

This Valheim update is available for download on Steam and was released on Monday April 19, 2021. The patch has been in development for a little longer than normal, and the developers have switched this to a new terrain modification system designed to reduce network instances and ultimately make loading faster and smoother.

Valheim Update 0.150.3 patch notes

* Corrected the position of the spawning draugr spawn to prevent draugr spawning in rocks
* Lox pet-sfx fix
* Torches in places should no longer support constructions
* Dolmen location stone size fixed
* News terrain modification system
* Terrain change priority changed (terrain modifications in an area should be loaded before buildings, only applies to the new terrain modification system)
* World loading tweaks (to fix issues with ships and buildings damaging while loading)
* Stop downloading the server list when exiting the start menu (to reduce network bandwidth usage).
* The amount of stones required to raise the ground with the hoe has been reduced

Valheim is currently available on Steam and is an Early Access title. Originally released in February ’21, this Viking Sandbox Survival title from Iron Gate Studio gained a huge following from a young age.

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