UFC 4 Client Patch 2.02

EA has released the patch notes for the second update of UFC 4 – we have all the information about the patch on August 20.

the UFC 4 Update 2.02 now downloadable for all platforms. In total you have to download around 540 MB, depending on the platform.

UFC 4 Patch 2.02 Notes

  • Fixed issues that could avoid denying takedowns while moving or attacking
  • Fixed an issue where the Imanari Roll was available in “Stand and Bang” and “KO” modes
  • Corrected Exploitation with Cage Back Clinch Units
  • Keen Marathoner Benefit
  • Tuned Cage Guillotine Chain Progress
  • AI clinch frequency has been adjusted
  • Tuned Side Control Hit Damage
  • Tuned Boy Attack Damage
  • Updated moves and perks for some fighters
  • Updated archetype move sets