Transformers Battlegrounds Update 1.01 Hotfix Details

Coatsink and Outright Games have released the Day One update for Transformers Battlegrounds. Below are the full patch notes for the first update on October 23rd.

The Transformers Battlegrounds Update 1.01 is now available for download. The file size is around 2GB, depending on the platform.

According to the Transformers Battlegrounds the  latest update added some tweaks and bug fixes. Apart from this, Transformers Battlegrounds Update 1.01 also includes gameplay improvements.

Transformers Battlegrounds has received is day one update with patch version 1.01. This implements a huge list of bug fixes as seen in the patch notes.

This game is a brand new take on the Transformers formula. The gameplay is purely turn-based with strategy elements. It was released today on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Transformers Battlegrounds Patch Notes 1.01

  • Store button added to Main Menu.
  • Implemented a loading animation during start sequence.
  • Temporary freeze lasting around 10 seconds when selecting a New Game.
  • Issues when disconnecting a controller during loading screens or when fading in and out of a cutscene.
  • Optimus Prime’s Throw Back animation was delayed.
  • Decepticon Brawlers disappearing when performing Throw Back ability.
  • Decepticons can spawn inside the Energon Storm area and survive.
  • High pitch audio squeak during slow motion sequences.
  • Localisation – orphan characters in various languages.
  • PFX visible in cutscenes after restarting a level or ending a turn. Fixed so PFX is cleaned up more efficiently on restarts and turn ends.
  • DLC skins for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee appearing as available to other characters in Squad Select screen.
  • DLC skins not displaying as equipped when in Cube mode.
  • Arcade’s Mission Complete screen only allows players to replay the mission or return to the Main Menu. Fixed by taking the player to Arcade Main Menu to continue in Arcade without having to return to the Main Menu.
  • Audio settings failing to save.
  • Decepticon spray in M1 displaying as magenta. Fixed to now display as purple.
  • During tutorials, the weapon icon pulsed behind other text boxes. Order changed so the weapon icon is above others.
  • Text windows resizing during tutorials and gameplay.
  • Grimlock transforming excessively between bot and dinosaur when loading into the M14 checkpoint.
  • Rocket Roar and Fire Breath unlocks swapped so Rocket Roar now unlocks at M17 and Fire Breath M3. Rocket Roar damage decreased.
  • Actors clipped into the floor in M19.
  • Energon Ore first owned by Autobots and Decepticons remain grey when obscured by the environment. Fixed so they display the correct team colour.
  • Capture the Flag UI displaying as “Already attacked this turn” when no move or attack has been made. Fixed by changing the UI to read “Holding the Flag”.
  • “Holding the Flag” message displayed after dropping the flag in the Autobot base. Prompt does not display for the entirety of holding the flag.
  • End of Turn warning appears when characters are unable to move or attack due to being anchored and disarmed.
  • Flag displaying under Windblade when in vehicle mode.
  • Points displaying outside of the objective box when entering Arcade levels.
  • Tallying points SFX audible on the results screen when scoring zero.
  • Only one achievement notification is displayed when unlocking multiple achievements. Fixed so all achievements earned are displayed.
  • French Barks are quiet. Volume increased.
  • Updates to credits – Job title changes, actor changes, and “In memory of” addition under Italian VO section.

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