The Witcher Card Game: GWENT on Android Game Trailer

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The Witcher fans already spent a lot of time in the big role-playing game with the integrated card game “GWENT”. So much so that the developers at CD Projekt Red expanded the element into an independent game. This project also turned out to be so successful that the availability was extended to several platforms and devices.

After a closed test phase, GWENT is now available on all Android devices without restrictions as of today, March 24, 2020. The card game, in which you put together a deck with more and more cards that are being released and thus compete against computer and human opponents, can be easily downloaded and played via Google Play. Your account can also be taken over if you have already played on another platform and achieved something.

Witcher card game on Google Play Store. The developer announced in February that the Android version of the trading card game will arrive on March 24,

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Android launch trailer

GWENT uses the popular The Witcher universe around the Witcher Geralt von Riva and extends the well-known 1 against 1 deck building card game genre with its own elements. For example, it is not a matter of reducing a specified number of opposing life points to 0, but of deciding for yourself two rounds of points within a best-of-3.

Gift for beginners

To celebrate the Android release, the creators are generous and donate a premium barrel for free as soon as you log into the game via your Android device. This is also a nice bonus for starters. The gift is now available for exactly one week until March 31, 2020.

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