The Outer Worlds Patch Notes 1.04 Update

Obsidian Entertainment and Take 2 have released the patch notes for the new The Outer Worlds Update. The The Outer Worlds Update 1.04 will be available for download shortly

With Outer Worlds update 1.04 there are some changes in the user interface and in the gameplay.

Below are the full patch notes for Outer Worlds this update in March 2020

The Outer Worlds Patch Notes 1.04

UI changes

  • Font Scaling (added a setting to adjust the size of text throughout most UI)
  • Ultrawide Support (loading screens & cinematics)
  • Improved Font Visibility (coloring)
  • Multi Quest Map Tracking (can see inactive quests on the map and select them)
  • New Reticle HUD Setting Option “Aiming Only” (ADS or Scoped)
  • Fixed the Chromatic Aberration Setting not Saving

Gameplay changes

  • New invert “X-Axis” setting
  • Added toggle for sprinting
  • Improved the quality of item drops when killing Manti-Queens
  • Fixed the effects of Encumbrance not working correctly with the Confidence Perk

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