The Minecraft “Harry Potter” RPG is Now Here

In Minecraft you can now play a “Harry Potter” RPG that will keep you and your friends occupied for days. We tell you how you can be there.

The Witchcraft and Wizardry Mod for Minecraft has been in development for years and opened the doors of Hogwarts in February during an alpha phase. The RPG in Minecraft is now complete and can be downloaded by anyone for free.

This is the Minecraft “Harry Potter” RPG

The boys and girls from The Floo Network have painstakingly recreated parts of the Harry Potter world in Minecraft. But not only that, they created an RPG with quests, magic and great puzzles.

That’s why: Most of the game is for you as a magic student in Hogawarts Castle. You will learn new spells, fight nasty enemies, solve puzzles and meet familiar characters. Of course, a Quidditch match shouldn’t be missing.

The music in particular is suitable and seems almost nostalgic. The typical Harry Potter melody paired with the idiosyncrasies of Minecraft result in a beautiful sound backdrop.

This is how long you have been at Hogwarts: The RPG can be played in multiplayer with up to 4 people, but is also suitable for single players.

How long you will have fun at Hogwarts depends on how determined you are. If you just follow the story, you are probably busy for a few days. If you are looking for all secrets and Easter eggs, it could be weeks.

So you play the RPG yourself

The installation of the RPG is very simple:

  • Get Minecraft version 1.13.2, which you can set and download in the MC Launcher
  • Visit the Witchcraft and Wizardry website
  • There you can leave a small donation in the right sidebar and start the download at the push of a button. Otherwise you can also click “Map Installer” in the description text and download the launcher
  • Start the launcher and follow the instructions
  • After completion you start Minecraft 1.13.2 and can select the “Harry Potter” RPG as a map

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