The King of Fighters XV Complete Detail Review

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The King of Fighters XV Complete Detail Review

Fighting games have been part of my life since an early age; I remember as if it were today, the crowded arcades and I there dreaming of learning to play the symbolic The King of Fighters. Even though it seemed to have simple commands, it hid a complexity of blows and combos smart. Even though I wasn’t a very skilled player, I was easily enchanted by that trios scheme, which was not common in fighting games. In a short time, I already had my favorite fighters, and I could face off with some friends. in this blog, we discuss the king of fighter xv complete detailed review.

Years have passed, and my favorite franchise games have remained; KOF 1998 and 2002 are so unforgettable that they inhabit a few arcades even today. After a few years of being disappointed with the franchise, we had a KOF XIV that was very interesting, but it failed in some points, forgetting a little bit of the magic of the classics.

The fame of the King of Fighters series is that it introduced the concept of a team fighting game. Instead of a single character, in KoF, you create a team of three fighters to take on your opponent’s squad. But unlike other well-known 3v3 games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3 and Dragon Ball FighterZ, there is no tag element. Now, King of Fighters XV has arrived to try to dominate the battlefield once again. Did he do it? Find out in our review below.

The King of Fighters Review

One of the biggest problems of fighting games today is fitting in with the modernization of their works. The era of 2D games was much more accessible, especially when creating commands. Few fighting games left 2D went to 3D and performed on par with the past. There had to be a change in the type of gameplay for this to happen.

I can say that The King of Fighters XV has finally managed to find itself amid a new era. The moves, which are now more dynamic, and even the art direction, seem to have made the perfect marriage so that the player feels like he’s playing a KOF.

I am starting with the commands. Even without knowing the franchise, which I find difficult, you can quickly get used to it. We have light, medium, and hard punch buttons and light, medium, and hard kick buttons. As I said, something that has always existed in the franchise. It has the defense, scroll button, and cancellation of blows, which makes the match even more disputed.

Specials are also still present, something that can change the pace of a match. To use this resource, we have to fill the unique bar, which fills up as we defend and attack the blows of our opponents. The energy bar also uses more powerful attacks but uses the accumulated energy.

The King of Fighters XV looks excellent. Returning characters from entries 14 and earlier have been modified so that their models may share some similarities but have been modified to fit the 2.5D aesthetic better. The new additions also look great as they seem to bounce off the backgrounds instantly. Besides that effect, it’s the same effect, as each song seems flashy, feels solid, and there are a lot of super fun moves that also include a new kind of visual fidelity with more excellent cut scenes.

Does King of Fighters XV shatter expectations?

The King of Fighters XV builds on the solid foundation of its predecessor with much improved visuals and better net code. “King of Fighters XV” is akin to meeting an old college buddy who sports a new look but is still that same swell person deep inside. It’s hard to believe that almost six years have passed since the KOF franchise was brought back to life with “King of Fighters XIV.” That game launched the SNK arcade fighter renaissance, with the excellent “Samurai Shodown 2019” released just a few years later.

Another big part of KoF is his mobility. While not as accessible as games like Guilty Gear, KoF still offers plenty of navigation options, like indomitable short dodges and quick jumps, that give it a different feel and push the game in a more attack-oriented direction. . Accompanying these move options are a set of regular and special moves unique to each character, along with dice-level tools such as guard-bending dribbles/counters, ricochet attacks, energy-boosting MAX mode, and the newly introduced ‘Shatterstrike.’, a unique defensive/offensive counter combination that can also be used as a combo starter. The controls are smooth and fluid, and learning how movement and attacks flow into each other is a fun and rewarding part of combat.

A Warm Story -King of Fighters XV

Generally, in fighting games, we don’t have such an exciting story that marks our life, but some games, like Mortal Kombat and Injustice, invest in a more attractive story mode so that new players get to know their franchises. Of course, the majority who enjoy The King of Fighters don’t care about the story. Still, I feel that it’s a point that the franchise could explore since we have fascinating characters who even participated in the tournament’s history for a long time.

The plot of The King of Fighters XV is easily forgettable, and sometimes when you replay the story mode, you’ll end up skipping the final scenes. The last boss fight is more similar, so don’t expect anything to work. Not even the narrative resolution brings a sense of threat. The final villain has an exciting design, with a very menacing way of talking, but he’s just another punching bag after a few hits.


One of The King of Fighters XV‘s most vital points is its robust cast, with a total of 39 starting fighters splitting into trios. It has already been announced that 12 more will arrive via DLC, increasing to an incredible 51 soldiers.

In addition to some new characters that make a difference, we have a lot of classics coming back, which is essential to bring new and veteran players together. Some moves were remodeled or replaced with new activities, making the player curious to try them all or even adopt a new favorite fighter, which is my case. In addition, the soldiers have a good variety of colors, so choose the one you like the most and go into combat. Some moves were remodeled or replaced with new activities, making the player curious to try them all or even adopt a new favorite fighter, which is my case. In addition, the soldiers have a good variety of colors, so choose the one you like the most and go into combat.

Multiplayer in King of Fighters XV

One of my biggest concerns about the game was whether the online mode would work. I can say that I had a good experience, without falls or even crashes during the matches. Testing on an Xbox Series S, I also had an excellent performance in terms of controller response time, something essential in fighting games.

There is a wide variety of online modes, including casual, ranked, and private rooms. It is also possible if you want to train between the match searches.

Another interesting point in the online mode is that it can assemble different configurations of trios, something that helps when fighting opponents with other techniques. The servers work very well, quickly search for matches, and filter by areas.
If you want to play that X1 from the couch, you can also enjoy the versus mode, which brings a strong feeling of nostalgia when we play with our friends.

Sound and Graphics

The sound remains striking, with an upbeat track and well-built effects, especially at the time of blows, which has always been remarkable in the franchise. The King of Fighters XV  has Brazilian Portuguese subtitles, which shows SNK ‘s care for Brazilian fans.

The graphics are beautiful, with a more modern art direction, but respecting the legacy of the franchise’s classics. The scenarios also refer to the visual identity of the work, including some easter eggs.

Is KOF XV’s visuals are much improved over its predecessor ?

Appearances may not be everything. But the improved visual quality of the game will be the first thing players will notice when they download King of Fighters XV for the first time.

Character models look like a cross between more realistic 3D models and cartoon-style shaded art. Throw in improved textures, better detail, a huge color boost, and the KOF 15 characters look even more vibrant this time around.

The bright color palette extends to the backgrounds, which have a lot of visual pop. The SNK team certainly took what they learned making Samurai Shodown 2019 and applied it to the new KOF, which pays off when it comes to the more satisfying graphics.

There are still issues, as characters sometimes have dead eyes from certain points of view. But it’s a huge improvement over the dead doll look we often see in the previous game. The transition to full 3D that began in KOF 14 takes away some of the magic of traditional 2D graphics. However, from an economic standpoint, 3D is the way to go for franchises like Street Fighter.


But perhaps KoF’s biggest draw is the extensive roster of brilliantly designed characters who are instantly memorable. The King of Fighters XV doesn’t have the most extensive playable roster in the series, but it’s still pretty packed, with 39 new and returning members out of the box. Each character has a unique look and playstyle that makes them stand out, like the easy-to-understand gameplay and ruthless charm of Fatal Fury veteran and recent Smash Bros. guest Terry Bogard. A long-absent Shermy threads the special moves and air attacks of the new main rival character Isla. Even if his favorite person isn’t on the roster, there are still plenty of new and old characters to spend time learning and forming. Equipment.

SNK has also included some modes and plugins in KoFXV to go along with the excellent cast. Story Mode is a single-player, arcade-style mode where you choose one of 13 pre-selected teams (or create your own) to progress through a series of CPU opponents while viewing cutscenes and galleries between matches. The CPU AI is a bit confusing: it reads input and can have weird reactions, but it also falls victim to some straightforward patterns, making the single-player game a bit frustrating. However, the cutscenes and endings have an incredible amount of effort put into them: the stops, while consisting mostly of stills and text, are quite lengthy and feel like a nice reward for your efforts. Long-time KoF and SNK fans will come out of some team endings, riddled with references and highlights and sometimes veering into some pretty silly territory. Some secret endings and soundtracks in DJ Station mode are unlocked with specific player-created gear. The concept is interesting, but the game intentionally blocks the character combinations needed to open, leaving you to play a guessing game to get it all. An overall impressive look wouldn’t have mattered without the substance behind it. It is well suited for both experienced players of previous games and potential new players as it features four-button gameplay that mixes light and heavy attacks. A simplified combo also requires just a few sequential taps (known as the Rush Combo) that will help players get a feel for how it works while delivering some great-looking action in the process. Veteran players will be able to dive into all the return systems, short jumps, babysitter jumps, cancels, and more.


The King of Fighters XV majestically continues the franchise’s legacy, mainly by betting on gameplay that suits your way of playing, whether with simple commands or more complex and full of resources. The squad, even numerous, manages to serve both the younger players and the veterans. In addition, fighters have a variety of moves and features to test.

Multiplayer pleases in the organization of modes and in the structure of servers, which never fail. On the other hand, the story mode leaves something to be desired once again, but it’s also something that was never a requirement for most players. Another point that many consider harmful by many is that the Xbox One version was not released, being exclusive to the new generation.

The King of Fighters XV  manages to reach an audience that misses its legacy. It seems that now, in its last editions, it has entered the axis and will continue to evolve.

Is KOF harder than Street Fighter?

Is King of Fighters harder than Street Fighter? SF is challenging because of the required frame precision and consistency (though SFV is a bit more lenient than past games). And KoF is difficult for needing its iterative combo system and 3-member, non-tagging team system.

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