The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.15 Patch Notes

Update 2.15 has arrived for The older one scrolls onlineand here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch.

The Flames of Ambition update was a big update for the popular MMO game and brought a lot of new content in the form of quests, locations, items and much more. Aside from all of these perfectly added additions, many things have been behaving chaotically and the team has been forced to release this 2.15 update.

The list of patch notes is quite long as they touched on animation bugs, incorrect behavior of NPCs and tools, quests, and a lot more that needed some improvement. Expect your game to run smoother than before without these issues after installing the update of course.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.15 / v1.23.1.0 Patch Notes


  • The Shadow Cleft: Fixed an issue that could cause Initiate Favar to get stuck in a wall.


  • Black Drake mansion
    • General
      • The Bullseye achievement now correctly mentions that it is achieved in the Black Drake Mansion.
      • The description for the Amphibian Arrested achievement now correctly mentions the Fiery Favor effect.
    • Pyroturge Encratis
      • Corpses of fire giants can now be used consistently.
  • The cauldron
    • General
      • The Curtain of Fire achievement will now correctly name the ability that enables it to complete.
    • Oxblood the Corrupt
      • Oxblood will no longer inexplicably turn to a random player during the impact of its Gore Rush ability.
      • Bile globs can now be consumed as corpses even if Oxblood consumes them.
    • Taskmaster Viccia
      • Taskmaster Viccia’s traps will now properly explode if you trigger them while blocking, even though they will only stun someone who is not blocking.
    • Baron Zaudrus
      • Corpses from Magma Daedroths, Magma Scamps, and Watchlings are now usable at all times.


  • White gold tower
    • Molag Kena
      • Lightning aspects no longer get stuck in a non-killable state due to the “Leet DPS” during the shield phase.


  • Bringing the Past to Life: The helmet and Agra Crun will now display correctly when placed.


  • Fixed numerous issues that resulted in player characters’ negative effects not being properly removed.
  • Preventing access to skills that you shouldn’t have access to has been enhanced.


  • Fearless
    • Bone Shield: Fixed several issues where the synergy of this ability and its morph was not following the regular rules. The shield granted by these abilities no longer stacks. When affected by one version, you are now immune to other versions for 6 seconds.


  • Weapons can be visible again with emotes.
  • In certain Daedric Ruins, the stairs have been improved so that you can go up smoothly without having to jump to the top step.


  • Fixed an issue where the Intrepid Merchant’s Flames of Ambition Coffer was listing the wrong monster mask sets in its tooltip.
  • The tooltips for the Alliance War Skill Line Scrolls (including Major and Grand), Colovian War Torte, Molten War Torte, and White-Gold War Torte have been updated. They better make it clear now that they affect both your Alliance Rank and your Alliance Skill Lines.
    • Note that these items do not increase the AP you earn.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in unusual lighting or weather in the interiors of Autumn’s Gate, Old Mistveil Manor, and the Golden Gryphon Garret homes.


  • Fixed several rare crashes caused by the model system that could occur randomly.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when logging out of the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused asset loading to be delayed and enemies to become invisible.
  • Like all other e-mails, cash on delivery e-mails now have a fixed expiry date of 30 days.

Reaper March

  • The caravan in this area is now much less populated and players will not be returning anytime soon if they are murdered.


  • The copyright date on the home screen has been updated to the current year.
  • Offline player information from the friend / guild lists is now correctly displayed for players who have been offline for a while.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the keybind strip to go into bad shape when quickly switching between the champion screen and other screens.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, see official website.

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