Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare Released for Android

Steel Rage: Robot Cars PVP Shooter Warface might sound like a bite, but that’s what it says. PVP photography packed with action and car driving, best described as the old school’s Metal Twisted PvP show, with controls adapted for mobile game (Android only so far) and with more realistic cars. If your vehicles are pumping tons of weapons and armed missiles onto the roof and roof cover, press R to fire a missile!

This is in essence a war game, well suited to PVP action. It’s a free title that puts us players in the mechanical car seat. There is a wide range of customizations available that affect the game and improve its taste, such as choosing the right machine for you, our favorite weapon, our chassis, your skills and other aspects of this combat bombardment. Modernization and customization naturally reach a deep level, allowing us to develop our own style of gameplay, while a competitive PvP experience is what will bring us back to more.

At first glance, Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare looks great and high budget. The graphics, designs, animations, overall gameplay are high-level, and even more for a free mobile title. It is served by GDCompany, and on Google Play this game already has 4.3 stars with about 5,000 votes. It’s in the class of action, easy and simple, while GDCompany also stands behind popular titles like Metal Madness, World of Submarines, Modern Warplane: Wargame Shooter and others. Therefore, they have extensive experience creating a title with such a competitive atmosphere, in a variety of environments.

Steel Rage Robot Cars Features:

  • Full customization
  • Tons of auto bodies
  • Various weapons
  • Chassis for any driving style
  • Tactic abilities
  • Lots of tactical opportunities
  • Enormous arenas
  • Full-scale warfare
  • Online PvP
  • 3D graphics and visuals
  • A wide array of potential builds for players to experiment on
  • Easy and accessible control scheme

In addition to the already attractive game movement, well-defined control system and the appeal of the idea of mechanical cars with war weapons, the photos and graphics of this game should be taken into account. Undoubtedly, all of this is why he really enjoys great acclaim and a bunch of fast-growing players. Certainly an address to consider.

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