Snowrunner Update 1.09 Patch Notes on September 9

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive released an update to Imandra to Snowrunner today. Below are the full patch notes for this September 9 patch.

the Snowrunner Update 1.09 can now be downloaded and installed. Today’s update implements new Imandra content and there are also bug fixes and optimizations.

Snowrunner 1.09 patch notes

New content:

  • [DLC] New map in the region of the Kola Peninsula – Imandra
  • [DLC] New Vehicle – TUZ 108 Warthog
  • [DLC] New vehicle skin for TUZ 166
  • [DLC] New wide-bed semi-trailer
  • [DLC] New Mission Add-on: Metal Detector
  • [DLC] Exclusive Bobblehead – Puppy
  • New Activity: Test Maps (Ride-on King and Lost in The – Wilderness) with exclusive completion rewards (Joker and Masha bobbleheads)
  • Added interior customization (all platforms) and interior customization modding (for PC):
    • accessories
    • Bobbleheads
    • Stickers
  • New contracts added for the Michigan region


  • All scouting vehicles except TUZ 420 – Tatarin now have a crane plug on the roof
  • You can now see the location of the owned trucks in the player profile
  • You can now restart tasks and contracts in cooperative
  • Improved dirt particle shading
  • Active suspension added for Derry Longhorn 3194
  • Small tweaks for Freightliner m916a1 steering
  • Improved steering angle for Western Star 6900 TwinSteer

Error correction:

  • The owned truck counter in the truck shop now displays correctly
  • Fixed a bug where one of the containers was missing in the “Containers in the River” task.
  • Fixed Exhaust Pipe Model for Cat 745C
  • Repair boxes in Khan Marshall are now properly removed when used
  • Fixed snorkel for Azov Antarctica
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to change the winch puller bindings.
  • Adjusted positioning of the front wheels for Voron Grad, Voron D-53233 and Tayga 6436
  • Fixed a bug when physics was disabled for objects that are far from the player (caused the load to fall through trailers, objects stuck in an unrealistic position)
  • Fixed wheels falling through rocks in some cases.
  • Fixed snorkel for Royal BM17
  • Kolob 74941 – fixed rpm shaft and visor cutout
  • Fixed a bug where deleting the custom scenarios save slot did not correctly delete the player’s save data
  • Fixed a bug when some vehicles had different buy / sell prices.
  • Fixed snow flickering on railways
  • Fixed a bug when some objects on a map would fly when the player was driving nearby
  • Fixed a bug when the available truck information on a global map was incorrect for some players

Steering wheels and peripherals

  • Supported option for input suggestion display (wheel only / any active input)
  • Camera controls supported by the d-pad on the Logitech G920 / G29


  • Support for Thrustmaster T150, T-GT, TX
  • Improved performance when driving on breakable ice on PS4
  • Improved draw distance for rocks


  • Now you can play co-op with modified trucks:
    • When a client joins the host with modifications, all modifications from the host are downloaded automatically
    • A player can change the matchmaking settings between the base game and the modified version
  • Supported ability to add custom assets to maps
  • Added support for setting up play zones (garages, tasks, contracts, etc.)
  • Reference maps have been added to the editor package.
  • Editor custom map data will now automatically update when players go to the main menu without the need to relaunch the game client.
  • Moved to latest SDK, which improved mod download speed.
  • Added a broken vehicle to both polygons so modders can easily test the repair plugins

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