Season 9 update patch notes

Season 9 and the Legacy update approach for Apex Legendsand here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The official list of patch notes has yet to be released but is expected very soon as Respawn Entertainment tends to release their update information a few days before the actual update release. That said, they posted a on their official YouTube channel Video presenting All of the key features that will be included in the Season 9: Legacy update. Among other things, Apex Legends gets one brand new arena modeThis will be a permanent addition to the existing list of modes and maps. When the full list of patch notes is officially released, this article will be updated accordingly. For now, below is everything that’s announced for the Season 9: Legacy update.

Apex Legends Legacy New Features

As demonstrated in the latest YouTube video, these will be the main new features that will be in the spotlight in Apex Legends Legacy and Season 9:

  • New legend: Valkyrie
  • Infested Olympus mode
  • New weapon: Bocek Bow
  • Legacy Ranked and Battle Pass
  • Arenas

As expected, players are particularly excited about the new arenas that are being implemented in Apex Legends Legacy as they will completely change the way some people actually play the game. Not everyone out there likes the main Battle Royale mechanics or the rest of the modes the game has already featured so far, but the 3v3 format that Arenas will have is a classic. From CS: GO to Valorant to other popular FPS games, the 3v3 play style is always an exciting way to experience the fast-paced battle of these types of games. Apex Legends is a great fit for this mode and it’s great to see that it will be a permanent addition.

Another new feature that has been discussed a lot is the new legend, which is Valkyrie. Not only is she closely tied to the game’s story, but she also seems like a very interesting character. Her unique abilities revolve around what it seems like flying and bombing enemies from afar.

The new bow-type weapon, Bocek Bow, was also featured in the video, and the announcer hailed it as the definitive tool for seasoned assassins. Weapons always play a prominent role in such games, but never underestimate the accuracy and efficiency of a weapon at which you can fire a shot.

Olympus is also getting some new mechanics in the form of an “overgrown infestation”. Aside from confirming that Olympus will be added in the normal rotation and map cycle, nothing is displayed for the specific feature. Either we’ll see it in action or we’ll get a sneak peek ahead of time when the patch notes for Apex Legends Legacy and Season 9 are released.

After all, to no surprise, there’s a new Battle Pass on the horizon and some new leaderboards to climb with Legacy Ranked.

Apex Legends Legacy: Season 9 Update Patch Notes

This section will be updated as soon as the official Apex Legends Legacy: Season 9 patch notes are released. The update itself is slated to be released on May 4th. The following changes are currently expected to take place in the new update. in addition to the main features mentioned above:

  • Various changes to existing legends (Loba, Octane, Lifeline, and more)
  • New weapons leaked – without official confirmation (Dragon LMG, Compound Bow, EPG)

Please note once again that the above data is only speculation from various sources. Take this into account. With the full patch notes on, we can see what exactly the new Season 9 brings for Apex Legends Legacy.

Apex Legends is available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, see official website.

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