Scarlet Nexus Tips – All Bosses And How To Beat Them

scarlet nexus

Scarlet Nexus is quite a long game, especially if you’re playing through both of the available campaigns (and you’ll want to play through both of them to get the full story). Given the structure of the game, we’re going to list all of the bosses in Yuito’s story first, followed by Kasane. Keep in mind that heavy spoilers for the fights follow, so for those interested in the story, be warned.

Here are the following bosses for the Yuito to fight:

  • Gunkin Perry
  • Kasane Randall
  • Naomi Randall
  • Karen Travers
  • Kasane Randall (second fight)
  • Gunkin fisherman
  • Kasane Randall, Kagero Donne and Arashi Spring
  • Kyoka Eden & Kagero Donne
  • Kasane Randall, Arashi Spring and Shiden Ritter
  • Nagi Karman
  • Bobbin Mo
  • Nagi Karman (second fight)
  • Karen Travers (second fight)
  • Kagero Donne (second fight)
  • Mort Chase Court
  • Mr explains

The bosses that Kasane will have to fight are as follows:

  • Issue Perry
  • Yuito Sumeragi
  • Kodama melon
  • Shiden knight
  • Karen Travers
  • Ronin
  • Yuito Sumeragi (second fight)
  • Rotunda Pagoda
  • Yuito Sumeragi, Luka Travers and Tsugumi Nazar
  • Kodama Melon (second fight)
  • Yuito Sumeragi, Hanabi Ichijo and Gemma Garrison
  • Bobbin Mo
  • Kyoka Eden
  • Yuta melon and Kodama melon
  • Dispens Fisher
  • Mort Chase Court
  • Mr explains

Now the big spoilers follow. Yuito and Kasane have to fight the same boss, but each has different phases depending on the story played. In Rubhen925’s video below, jump to 4:41:21 for Yuito’s version of the fight and to 5:57:50 for Kasane’s version. The video also shows how to take out any boss. So it’s worth checking out if you’re stuck.

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