Samurai Shodown Update 2.12 patch notes

Update 2.12 has arrived for Samurai Shodownand here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch.

The full patch notes for this update have arrived, and a lot of fixes and character balances have been made. They also resolved issues with the character called CHAM CHAM, which was recently added to the game vert.

There’s also an entire section in the patch notes on the ‘Guard Crush Mechanic’. The patch notes are pretty big. So read them carefully to see the changes you might want to see.

Samurai Shodown Update 2.12 patch notes

Changed / improved functions

  • Regarding problems found
    • Fixed an issue where the sign would show which side of the stage a disarmed weapon is on at unintended times.
    • Fixed an issue where CHAM CHAM could not land normal attacks after performing a certain move.
    • Fixed an issue where CHAM CHAM appeared to warp after a certain movement.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies wearing retro 3D skins would not glow red, indicating they could be on guard Crushed.
  • Regarding the Guard Crush mechanics
    • Below is an expanded view of the mechanics related to the Guard Crush system
      • Enemies are Guard Crushed as soon as their internal Guard Crush gauge reaches 0%.
      • An opponent’s internal Guard Crush gauge will decrease by a set amount depending on which attack they are blocking. (An unarmed opponent’s internal Guard Crush gauge does not decrease when they block attacks.)
      • Characters glow red when they can Guard Crushed.
      • Enemies that glow red and block heavy slashes either far or close will cause them to be Guard crushed due to an internal guard crush gauge of 0%.
      • Attacks besides those listed above can reduce an opponent’s internal protection crush gauge. but they can never get it to 0% (and therefore cannot be used to protect Crush).
      • If Guard crushes an opponent, players have the option to abort Heavy Slash’s initial start (including any additional hits) and into a special move, weapon swap technique, or lightning blade.
    • Issues Resolved Regarding 2.12
      • Fixed an issue where players could do an extra heavy slash after the guard and then cancel Destroy an enemy
      • For some attacks, including projectiles, Guard Crush’s damage parameters have been adjusted as before Too much damage to an opponent’s internal Guard Crush gauge.
      • The percentages listed in the current Ver.2.12 patch notes relate to newly defined Guard Crush damage values for any given grade.
        • For example, if a note says “~ (15%)” it means: “This attack lowers an opponent’s interior Guard Crush Meter by 15% ”.
        • For attacks with multiple hits, the values ​​shown correspond to the total damage that HAOHMARU was inflicted Internal Guard Crush indicator when forced to block any hit in the corner. “
      • The Guard Crush sound is currently being worked on.

Changes / improvements to characters

Samurai Shodown is available now for PC, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. To see changes to the character balance, you can check them out official PDF file with the patch notes.

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