Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac global Release

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of Zodiac Android is without a doubt an interesting title. At first glance, the game is a well-established balance of the Hero collector, role-playing and action, but its graphics, models and taste of anime attract attention. The game has already reached critical acclaim, while source material has enjoyed its success for some time.

Saint Seiya: Knights of Zodiac is a series of Japanese manga, which originally worked in the 1980s and 1990s, and Old School Magic is also in the game. It is clear from manga Kurumada, a famous artist who has worked on other titles like Ring ni Kakero, dating back to the seventies, so there are many feelings and expressions in the old school in this game, especially for fans. From old school materials source.

The list of video game edits in Saint Seiya also begins in the 1980s, earning the title Game Boy and Famicom, while the first PC version arrived in 2002. The last installment was launched in 2015, titled Soldiers’ Soul, in 2015. He took the franchise His first steps on mobile devices in 2014, and on iOS and only in Japan. The Awakening originally began in 2017.

First things first, the heroes group in the game contains all the original characters, represented very faithfully. This gives the game an anime taste to play. However, there is much more than just characters and fighting, as the game offers a wide range of modifications, such as a trivia quiz and more.

The battle itself is in the family environment alternately, but the difference is somewhat greater than normal, with a standard configuration containing 5 characters in one team, so 5v5 is the norm.

Perfect animations and designs and nice fighting game. The strategic aspect is somewhat balanced and complete, while there are many striking animations and effects for gameplay, such as how to apply controls to each character individually in combat.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac game is currently available for Android only. Youzy (Singapore) PTE.LTD hasn’t shared plans for iOS version yet, but this version works fine. On Google Play, the game has gotten 4.2 stars so far from over 100,000 votes and is increasingly popular, which means that additional content is probably not advanced, probably.

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