Rockstar Games Announces GTA Online and Red Dead Online Updates

Red Dead Online and GTA Online will receive major updates soon. Today, Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Online will receive its first update in the months of July 28. According to Rockstar, it’s a “massive” update.

This will include a new border hunt that will present players with the secrets of nature as part of a new role. Meanwhile, there will also be a new Outlaw Pass card and new features and fixes required by the community. Rockstar also patch notes that there will be more to come in the coming months as well.

In addition to announcing the Red Dead Online update, Rockstar Games also announced a new GTA Online update, which will also be very skinny. However, at the present time, it is not known when this update will be released. Rockstar simply indicates it is a “summer” update. And do not reveal what will be in it. Instead, it refers to update as “a fun mix of new and varied content.”

GTA Online Update 1.34 / 1.50

GTA Online didn’t receive an update for a long time, the latest 1.49 (PS4 1.33) patch was released in December 2020. Rockstar has now announced that a major summer update is on the way, the next update for GTA Online 1.34 / 1.50 will add new content. The content includes new sites and new raids.

There is no information as to when exactly the update will be released.

RDR2 Online Patch 1.20

The last online update for Red Dead was in March 2020. RDR2 1.19 update only brought bug fixes and improvements. Rockstar is now announcing the Red Dead Online 1.20 update, which will be released on July 28.

RDR2 1.20 update must be very wide, there will be a new illegal permit and new content will be added.

Tuesday is Red Dead Online Patch, so get ready to download a few gigabytes! Once Rockstar issues correction notes, we’ll provide them to you.

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