Rocket League Update 1.94 patch notes

Update 1.94 has arrived for Missile leagueand here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch.

The new Rocket League update should now be available for the PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. The patch size depends on the platform you own the game on.

This new update includes some new cars and content, but it also includes the usual bug fixes. There are also some new frame rate options that you can test out if you own the game on PC.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

Rocket League Update 1.94 patch notes


Trade-in update

  • Trade ins are now managed in a separate area in the garage
  • All articles not approved for trading fall into three categories:
    • Core series articles
    • Tournament items
    • Blueprints
  • The trade-in menu shows how many eligible trade-ins you have, sorted by category and rarity
  • Trade ins still work as before:
    • 5 Occasionally = 1 Rarely
    • 5 rare items = 1 very rare
    • 5 Very rare = 1 import
    • 5 imports = 1 exotic
    • 5 exotic species = 1 black market
  • Tournament items and (revealed) blueprints can now be exchanged regardless of the series. The tournament item or blueprint you get from a trade in is directly tied to the range of items you traded in.
    • For example, if you trade in three Ignition series blueprints and two Ferocity series blueprints, you have a 60% chance of getting an Ignition series blueprint and a 40% chance of getting a Ferocity series blueprint .

Eligibility for players

  • Before trading with other accounts is activated, new accounts must be created::
    • Reach XP level 30
    • Have 50 or more minutes in online games
  • Accounts with XP level 30-99::
    • Can act three times a day
    • Limit of 2,000 credits per trade
  • Accounts with XP level 100-249::
    • Can act ten times a day
    • Limit of 10,000 credits per trade
  • Accounts with XP level 250 or higher::
    • Unlimited trades per day
    • Limit of 100,000 credits per trade

[PC] New frame rate options

  • On the “Video” tab under “Settings”, the FPS slider on the PC has been replaced by a “Frames per Second” drop-down menu
  • This menu gives you a list of FPS options based on your GPU and display
  • The ‘Uncapped’ option at the end of the list ignores the upper frame rate limit if vertical synchronization is disabled, but depending on the hardware configuration, it can cause screen tearing on some players


  • The settings are now synchronized with the EOS cloud and shared with all linked accounts
    • Nintendo Switch support for cloud syncing will be available in a future update
  • Each playlist option in the playback menu has a radically new picture
  • Added unlock countdown timer for Seasonal Challenge levels
  • Added link support to the in-game news panel


Monster cat (antenna)

  • “Vindata”
  • “Francis Derelle”
  • “Monstercat Silk”


  • Fixed the appearance of Team Liquid Decals when high quality shaders are enabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused the music playlist to appear off-screen when collapsing the interface scale
  • A player’s first trade will not hang for 20-30 seconds after 2FA is activated on their Epic Games account
  • Fixed a bug affecting the “Invite to Party” option in the Friends List when both players are playing through the Epic Games Store
  • [Tournaments] Teams that have won two out of three games should no longer see additional games against the same opponent
    • This fix depends on PsyNet updates related to tournament access and games over the coming weeks
  • Fixed a bug in the display counter for season-free challenges
  • Localization fixes for French, German, Japanese, and Polish

Rocket League is out now for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For more information on today’s patch, see the official website.

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