Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Update 1.07 for Risk of Rain 2 is here, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch. This patch brings the long-awaited anniversary update to the consoles. The Anniversary Update has been available for PC gamers since March, but now gamers on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch can enjoy all of the new features and changes. There’s a lot of new content and a lot of changes to old content, so your runs should feel quite different after installing this update. Everything is new here with Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.07.

Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Main content

  • Added system: morgue + account statistics

    • Search past runs and all of your account stats – like favorite survivors, progress to completion, or your favorite gear – now in your log!
  • Newr survivor added

    • Newr Survivor: Bandit
  • Newr survivor skin added

    • Newr Survivor Skin: Bandit Skin
  • 5 new items added

    • Newr lunar object: hook of heresy
    • Newr Lunar Item: Essence of Heresy
    • Newr Boss Item: Empathy Cores
    • Newr Boss Item: Charged Perforator
    • Newr Boss Item: Planula
  • 5 new skill variants added

    • New skill variant: MUL-T special
    • New skill variant: Mercenary Utility
    • New skill variant: REX special
    • New skill variant: Loader Special
    • New skill variant: Captain Utility
  • 1 new monster added

    • News Monster: Moon Chimera (Exploder)
  • 1 new elite added

    • New Elite: Perfected
  • 1 new boss added

  • News interactive element added

    • News interactive element: Lunar Shop Refresher
  • 9 new challenges added

    • New class challenge: Bandit: Sadist
    • New class challenge: Bandit: Classic Man
    • New class challenge: Bandit: B&E
    • New class challenge: Bandit: Championship
    • New class challenge: MUL-T: Seventh day
    • New class challenge: Mercenary: Flash of Blades
    • New class challenge: REX: Full of Life
    • New class challenge: Loader: The Thunderdome
    • New class challenge: Captain: Smusshed
  • 93 new lore entries added

    • Newr lore entry: Monster Tooth
    • Newr Lore entry: Eyeglass lens manufacturer
    • Newr lore entry: Paul’s goat hoof
    • Newr lore entry: Drifting mushroom
    • Newr lore entry: crowbar
    • Newr Lore Entry: Tri-Tip Dagger
    • Newr lore entry: Warbanner
    • Newr lore entry: Careful snail
    • Newr lore entry: stun grenade
    • Newr lore entry: Backup magazine
    • Newr Lore Entry: Armor Piercing Rounds
    • Newr lore entry: bison steak
    • Newr lore entry: focus crystal
    • Newr Lore Entry: Item Scrap, White
    • Newr Lore entry: AtG Missile Mk. 1
    • Newr lore entry: infusion
    • Newr lore entry: Hopoo spring
    • Newr lore entry: ukulele
    • Newr lore entry: leech seeds
    • Newr lore entry: Red Whip
    • Newr Lore Entry: Harvester’s Scythe
    • Newr lore entry: Berzerker’s shoulder piece
    • Newr lore entry: Razorwire
    • Newr lore entry: Brilliant Behemoth
    • Newr lore entry: Frost relict
    • Newr Lore entry: The happiest mask
    • Newr lore entry: 57 leaf clover
    • Newr lore entry: Dio’s best friend
    • Newr lore entry: Vulture the Vulture
    • Newr lore entry: resonance disk
    • Newr Lore Entry: Defensive Microbots
    • Newr lore entry: Titanic knurl
    • Newr lore entry: pearl
    • Newr lore entry: Radiant Pearl
    • Newr lore entry: Genesis Loop
    • Newr Lore Entry: Artifact Key
    • Newr lore entry: corpse bloom
    • Newr lore entry: gesture of the drowned
    • Newr Lore Entry: Pearls of Loyalty
    • Newr lore entry: Defiant Gouge
    • Newr lore entry: Mercurial Rachis
    • Newr lore entry: empathy cores
    • Newr Lore Entry: Essence of Heresy
    • Newr Lore Entry: Portrait of Sorrow
    • Newr Lore Entry: Spinel Tonic
    • Newr lore entry: disposable rocket launcher
    • Newr Lore Entry: Stranger Fruit
    • Newr Lore Entry: Original Cube
    • Newr Lore Entry: Royal Capacitor
    • Newr lore entry: radar scanner
    • Newr Lore Entry: Eccentric Vase
    • Newr Lore Entry: Volcanic Egg
    • Newr lore: hook of heresy
    • Newr lore: essence of heresy
    • Newr subject of knowledge: empathy cores
    • Newr lore: charged perforator
    • Newr traditional object: planula
    • Newr lore entry: Little wisp
    • Newr lore entry: Lemurian
    • Newr lore entry: Hermit Crab
    • New entry Laura alone rehearsal
    • Newr lore entry: brass apparatus
    • Newr Lore Entry: Bighorn Bison
    • Newr Lore Entry: Stone Golem
    • Newr lore entry: clay templar
    • Newr lore entry: Greater Wisp
    • Newr lore entry: Elder Lemurian
    • Newr lore entry: Mondchimera (Exploder)
    • Newr Lore Entry: Beetle Queen
    • Newr lore entry: stone titanium
    • Newr lore entry: Aurelionite
    • Newr Lore Entry: Wandering Vagrant
    • Newr lore entry: magma worm
    • Newr lore entry: Grovetender
    • Newr Lore Entry: Leprechaun Overlord
    • Newr lore entry: Scavenger
    • Newr lore entry: Overloading worm
    • Newr Lore Entry: Grandparents
    • Newr Lore Entry: Distant Roost
    • Newr lore entry: Rallypoint Delta
    • Newr Lore Entry: Scorched Acres
    • Newr lore entry: Sirens Call
    • Newr Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Gilded Coast
    • Newr lore entry: Hidden Realm: Void Fields
    • Newr Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: Bazaar Between Time
    • Newr Lore Entry: Hidden Realm: One moment, whole
    • Newr Lore Entry: Sundered Grove
    • Newr lore entry: Commando
    • Newr Lore Entry: Engineer
    • Newr lore entry: Acrid
    • Newr lore entry: Loader
    • Newr lore entry: mercenaries
    • Newr lore entry: Bandit

Gameplay changes

  • General

  • Survivors

    • command

      • Update VFX from Double Tap, Phase Round, and Suppressive Fire
      • Double tap
        • Now fires a single bullet per click
        • Bloom reset time:



        • Damage:


          ⇒ 100%

        • Duration:


          ⇒ 0.15 s

      • Tactical dive
      • Phase round
        • Now deals 40% more damage every time it penetrates an enemy
    • huntress

      • Now activated by default next to the command! Your previous unlock status (finish 3rd level) now unlocks the bandit.
    • engineer

      • Both Gauss Auto-Turret and Carbonizer Turret now inherit your gear too. They won’t activate it, but they will hold it.
      • Grenades now have light anti-gravity.
    • constructor

      • Nano bomb
        • Tendril damage:

          20% of the explosion

          ⇒ 10% of the explosion

        • Vine fire frequency:


          ⇒ 0.125 s

      • Tendril same target frequency:


        ⇒ 1s

        Developer Notes: This change was made specifically to prevent the Artificer’s nanobomb tendrils from triggering ribbons of ice and fire. The tendrils now fire twice as often, but with half the damage.

    • mercenary

      • Blinding attack
        • 🌧 Now has a 0.2 second sustained invincibility for chaining blinding assaults in high latency online games
  • items