Rilakkuma Farm Review ANDROID, IOS

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Rilakkuma Farm Android is the latest pulse in the agricultural genre that has rocked web browsers and people’s hearts in a big way. However, this genre is not dead and has its fair share in the mobile gaming market space today, like any other genre. Games that are played are traditional hobbies and are easy to play, which is the case with this title.

Development and reception

Imagineer offers us this title as a free casual game with in-app purchases. Obviously, it targets a wide audience and fans of the simulated genre on the farm, especially children, the elderly and people who are not a traditional game genre. On Google Play, Rilakkuma Farm Android already has over 4,000 votes and a fantastic 4.2 star rating, which is pretty positive in a regular game. In the iTunes App Store this game has a better rating of 4.4 stars with more than 6.6k rankings and is number 40 in the family category, and we believe that the broader definition of its type will be that.

If you are not accustomed to the franchise background, Rilakkuma Bear is a fictional character whose name is found in the full range of games and perks produced by San-X. Now, San-X is a Japanese marketing company behind the posts of similar characters, like Tarepanda, Sumikko Gurashi, Kogepan and others.

However, Rilakkuma Bear is created by Aki Kondo, the pioneering designer and painter of Japanese characters. Mr. Aki previously worked for San-X and is credited with creating and producing characters like Amaguri Chan, Mikan Bouya and even Comic Manga titled “Okutan & Danna chan”. However, this bear may be his most notable work and was published in 2003. He has produced a multimedia franchise in addition to merchandise, and even his animated series is Rilakkuma and Kaoru, which was recently aired in 2019.


The farm is run by Rilakkuma and his friends, who are starting to trick them because they expect a buffet of everything you can eat. When they reach the farm, they find it empty … deserted, and there is only one letter that says:

“Some urgent matters arose, so I will have to leave this farm for a while. So, you, who found this message, leave this farm for you. But don’t worry! I summed up how to take care of this farm in this message. If you run the farm well, you will get On all delicious foods that you can eat. “

Our spread friends have no choice but to take matters into their own hands, as we do.


Agricultural simulation combines several types of simple games, such as cooking, decorating, shopping in stores, and similar popular “mini-games”. It also offers garden decoration and home improvement, which includes aesthetics and a very rewarding experience for people who have traditionally liked this farm simulation.


Sophisticated graphics are clearly not the target of this title, as the entire game along with models, animation, environment and everything that is visible has a simple animation style, which fits characters. It also reminds us of traditional farm games in visual style.


Rilakkuma Farm mobile game represents the continuous growth of the entire franchise and maintains farm simulation and regular family games. Its goal is to be a fun pastime, suitable for a wide audience. The game is easy to use and easy to learn, which means it is ideal for people new to this type of games, mobile games and games in general. And their ability to reproduce will definitely adapt to the needs of all those who make these things float.

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