Rift Apart Tips – How to Farm Raritanium

ratchet and rattle tore apart

It will take a lot of Raritanium to upgrade your weapons, but it won’t be nearly as much if you play the game normally. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to farm the stuff, whether you’re in the middle of your journey or playing through it in Challenge Mode. The first option is to go to the arena and take part in Bronze Match 5 or Gold Match 5. The former offers five Raritaniums upon review, while the latter offers 18 Raritaniums upon completion.

If you have equipped the Lombax Praetorian armor set, which offers a 20 percent increase in the rarity earned. To make farming in the arena even faster, try the Infinite Ammo and Infinite Health cheats (see our guide here to find all the gold bolts needed to unlock). You can also turn the difficulty down as it will reduce the health of the enemies.

Of course, if you want to get to a simple Raritanium, there is a way. The second time you visit Sargasso (during the Emperor’s invasion) look for a dinosaur mini-boss. Defeat it to get three Raritaniums. Look for a nearby crack and go inside before you fall and die. You will respawn inside the rift, but the mini-boss should respawn too. Exit the rift, kill him again for three Raritaniums, and repeat the entire process.

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