Returns: what does the disclaimer do?

The Reclaimer is a strange alien device that you may come across by chance in Returnal with a very vague description. The description in the game states that the Reclaimer is “a xeno-tech device for recycling materials. Edition unknown. “That seems normal, but there is a huge warning label on the device that says it can damage its integrity. Integrity is the game’s version of health, so the device can potentially harm you. That’s a heavy price to pay in a game where health is a valuable asset, but the rewards can be great if you’re willing to take the risk. Here’s what the reclaimer does in Returnal.

What does the disclaimer do in return?

The reclaimer gives you items in exchange for health. The description of the device states that it could potentially damage its integrity, but it seems that a piece of health is needed every time. However, the rewards are great, and the device has the potential to give you astronaut figurines and other rare artifacts.

Regular reclaimers are not to be confused with inert reclaimers that serve a different purpose. Inert reclaimers restore integrity and can also increase your maximum integrity when you use them. They don’t have a price so they’re just free healing stations. You don’t need to worry about using these, but you do need to worry about using regular reclaimers. However, you will easily be able to tell the difference between the two. So don’t worry too much if you mess them up.

Since Reclaimers use a portion of your health as the price of an item, it’s a good idea to research the area and make sure you’re not fighting a boss or anything before using one. The device takes up a sizable chunk of your health bar, so you should probably forego using one if you have half your health bar or less. You can teleport back to them at any time later during your run if you are healed with some Silphium.

return is now available for PlayStation 5.

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