Resident Evil Village – how to remove spells

Lots of new things are added to the series in Resident Evil Village including Weapon magic. They may have appeared in a few games, but not quite like that. And some players don’t find them to their liking. Did you add a weapon spell and now regret it? Do you want to remove it? Well, it’s kind of complicated. Here’s how to remove spells in Resident Evil Village.

How to remove charms

First of all, it’s important to note that once a weapon has a spell added it cannot be completely removed. The addition is permanent and cannot be exchanged or changed. So be careful when you apply it as you won’t really be able to take it off later. However, there are other ways you can make them go away. And since these have so far only been achieved through pre-order bonuses, this method is not that different from just removing them completely from the weapon.

  • Go to options
  • Select “Special”
  • Turn off “Show weapon spells”

With this simple menu switching, your weapon spells are no longer displayed in the game. Given the weird look and seriousness of the campaign, this is probably the preferred way to play for beginners. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Castle Demitrescu and the areas around it, you can turn it back on for fun and enjoy your pre-order bonus to the fullest.

And maybe more weapon spells will be introduced later. At this point we have a guide that will tell you how to get more weapon spells. However, the choice you have at the start of the game is what you will have at the end. Hopefully you like them and end up using them a lot.

This is how you can remove spells in Resident Evil Village, or at least make them disappear.

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