Resident Evil Village: All combination lock codes

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It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without a few locked doors, but Resident Evil Village actually has surprisingly few combination codes that you need to find as you progress through the game. Most of the locks in this game are opened with keys or puzzles so you don’t have to hunt for secure codes or combination lock solutions as often as in previous entries. However, some of the most valuable items in Resident Evil Village are locked behind combination locks that require special codes to open. Here are all the combination codes in Resident Evil Village.

All combination codes in Resident Evil Village

There are only three combination codes in Resident Evil Village. Two of these codes are required to progress through the main story, while one is only required to obtain an optional treasure.

  1. Workshop in the village: 07-04-08
  2. Maestro’s collection: 27-09-17
  3. Doll workshop in the Beneviento house: 29.05.11

Workshop in the village

This combination code is used to obtain both the Jack Handle and the M1911 Handgun. It is necessary for the story to progress because you will need these items to move the tractor and reach the house with the red chimney. A clue in the workshop prompts you to look out the window to find the code, but it only prepares you for a nasty jump scare. However, it only brings out one enemy, so you can find the code freely after a short shootout. Entering 07-04-08 opens the combination lock.

Maestro’s collection

This is the only optional combination code on this list. After returning from Dimitrescu Castle, the Duke marks the position of several treasures on your map. These are optional goals that will reward you with large amounts of lei and other upgrades if you choose to. In the Maestro’s Collection you have to find the Luthier’s Key to get into the house. In the house there is a locked chest of drawers with the treasure. A Happy Birthday poster hanging on the wall has the code: 27-09-17. In the dresser there is a valuable sculpture and an extended magazine upgrade for the sniper rifle.

Doll workshop in the Beneviento house

This is a story-related combination lock that you literally cannot miss as the door locks behind you as you enter the dolls workshop. You’re trapped in space until you solve the puzzle and find out the code, but from there things only get stranger. If you remove the ring from the mannequin finger and then clean it in the next room, a date will be engraved on the inside. This date is the combination code: 29.05.11.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia available.

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