Resident Evil 3 “Raccoon City” Demo Updated To patch notes Version 1.02

Capcom has mysteriously updated the Resident Evil 3 “Raccoon City” offering to version 1.02. This patch seems to be dealing with some bug fixes.

Resident Evil 3 Remake was released again in April and to announce the launch of the game, Capcom also had a planned demo. This demo was available prior to game launch and contains a small section of the full game.

While the demo was available for a while, Capcom only updated it twice. Once before the launch of the game and the second is today. This update released today seems to apply some bug fixes if we make the change.

Since there is nothing to add from the patch notes, we have no idea what was added with this update, but it looks like a fairly small patch that only has a few megabytes of data. This could be a joke for Resident Evil Village like Capcom that I did with the Resident Evil 2 show adding the Nemesis voice saying S.T.A.R.S while the show is opening.

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