Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.20

Gunfire Games today released a hotfix update for Remnant: From the Ashes. Below are the full aptch notes for this September 15th review.

the Remnant: From the Ashes update 1.20 it is now available for PC players (Steam and Epic). At the moment we do not know if console players can download the client patch. Maybe it will come a little later.

Remaining Patch Notes 1.20


Lifesteal (Leech Ember, Nightmare Coil, Riven, Tentacle Shot, etc.)

  • Lifesteal is no longer affected by Triage
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the inclusion of the Siphon trait, we found that certain Lifesteal items were getting too much benefit. We removed the interaction, but also increased the base Lifesteal on some items to help balance them out.

Flop and unarmed damage

  • Redesigned how flop damage is calculated
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flop is no longer affected by the Unarmed Melee Damage mod as part of a rework on how Flop damage is calculated. With the old system, it was difficult to produce unarmed Melee Damage gear that would generate a fun-to-play flop build and a balanced disarm build at the same time. In response to this change, the Five Finger Ring and the Ring of the Unclean have been rebalanced. The Ring of Five Fingers has been changed to make room for the Ring of the Unclean.

Corrosion effect

  • Corrosion total stacks reduced from 6 to 5 (25% total debuff)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: After making changes to how Corrision works, we found that it became too easy to apply. We left the app pretty much the same (RIP Hive Cannon Primary) but reduced the total number of stacks from 6 to 5.

Achievement: tough negotiation

  • A fix was implemented for Hard Bargain to activate properly
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some cables were crossed. We uncross them!

Survival mode

  • Prevented Charge Rings from spawning on corpses (can still be purchased from vendor)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since items are equipped automatically, players were often penalized without realizing it. The rings are still available through vendors (when they appear. We probably should have done this for Warlord’s Armor as well, but we didn’t … so be careful!


  • Fixed crash when interacting with a World Stone while equipped with Immortal Mod and Labyrinth Armor.
  • Up-to-date performance across the board.
  • Dozens of different bug fixes.


Balance stone

  • Melee / ranged damage bonus reduced from 15% / 15% to 12% / 12%
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Stone of Balance launched at 10% and we finally upgraded it to 15%. It got a bit hefty from how “easy” it was to use (no real compensation). We think a slight 3% adjustment was more than fair to keep it in line with other options that have a requirement.

Vulcan detonator

  • Scalar burn damage increased from 10% per level to 20% per weapon level that applies it
  • Fixed damage scaling to work when triggered by summoning.
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A little too weak. Now it’s a little better. Voila!

Ring of Unclean

  • Changed to + 100% damage without bonus weapon (200% total) and + 300% flop damage (400% total)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Made adjustments according to our new Flop / Unarmed math!

Five finger ring

  • Changed to 25% unarmed melee, 25% unarmed critical damage, 20% critical chance
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Made adjustments according to our new Flop / Unarmed math!

Restraining cord

  • Fixed a UI issue that caused incorrect information to be passed to the UI.
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Basically the UI seems to break for health regen items when using the restraint cord. We fix it.

Polished whetstone

  • Critical damage bonus reduced from 50% to 35%
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Anyone surprised? This thing was insane. Now it’s just “pretty crazy”.

Black cat band

  • Invulnerability window increased from 0.5s to 1.5s
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Added an additional second of protection. You can now survive consecutive hits once it triggers … but you’d better be safe once it triggers!

Scavengers Ring

  • Added a new bonus of + 10% ranged and mod damage when the player collects scrap, iron or ammo
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A nice touch to synergize with the Scavenger set. However, you can also use it without the armor set. It’s up to you. We don’t control you! Live your life!!!

Butcher’s Fetish

  • Increased critical chance from 10% to 15%
  • Increased critical damage from 20% to 25%.
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A little stronger to make this a more attractive charm option.

Devouring loop

  • Trigger chance reduced from 6% to 5%.
  • COMMENT CHEEKY: Who knew the 1% is so powerful ?!

Evoker Seal

  • Increased Mod Power cashback from 10% to 15%
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: We increased this just a bit to make it more attractive. While it’s not a massive change, it definitely shows. Give it a try!

Player charge

  • The “charge” can no longer be avoided through Exploiter and Hangman’s Memento
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Just a bug fix.

Follower load

  • Increased Fire Rate “Charge” from 25% to 35%
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Because of how powerful the follower Charge main effect was, we felt the “Charge” wasn’t strong enough, so we increased it. We still feel that this ring is incredibly powerful.



  • Blood Pact Set Bonus: Duration bonuses increased from 15/30/60% to 30/60/100%
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the recent armor mods, we felt the Cultist was lacking a bit as it didn’t increase damage and the 60% max duration buff just wasn’t enough to motivate players to use it. At 100%, it provides a very tangible benefit, and even the 1pc and 2pc bonuses are better!


  • Opportunistic Set Bonus: Buff (from Perfect Dodge) is no longer removed when taking damage
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: You earned the benefit. You should keep it.

Military Chief

  • Deathwish Set Bonus: Deathwish can no longer kill the player (leaves the player with 1 HP)
  • Deathwish Set Bonus: Reduced 3 CP Damage Buff from 40% to 35%
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: While not specifically a “Deathwish” anymore, it is a bit fairer for players who often find themselves in scenarios where they no longer have enemies to heal from. With death off the table, we reduced the damage buff slightly to compensate.


  • Damage stacks removal reduced from 5 to 1
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Removing 5 stacks at once felt a bit too penalized. This should make the armor a bit more workable and a lot more forgiving.


  • Damage stacks removal reduced from 5 to 1
  • Upgrade Timer redesigned to remove only 1 stack when timer expires instead of all stacks.
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Like Twisted, we significantly reduced the penalty per hit. We also changed it so that the stacks disappear one at a time instead of all at once. This should make Scavenger much more viable and attractive. Plus, it looks so sweet!


  • Believer Set Bonus: Adjusted enhancement behavior when removing armor pieces
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: No functionality tweaks … we just fixed a bug behind the scenes.


Cold spear

  • Fixed an issue that caused Cold Spear to display incorrectly when switching between weapons


Submachine gun

  • Updated text to better reflect functionality (no actual functionality changes)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: The previous text referred to this weapon as high recoil. We removed that text and also added text that reflects the quieter behavior (compared to other weapons).

Hive cannon | Hive Shot

  • Primary fire no longer applies 1x Corrosion Stack
  • Hive Shot: Projectile (hit) no longer applies 1x Corrosion Stack
  • Hive Shot: AOE now applies Corrosion at a faster rate
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: After Patch 2923, the Hive Cannon became ubiquitous in almost every build at the highest level. We wanted to promote a bit more variety, so we kept their “theme”, but reduced how easy it was to instantly apply 6 stacks (now 5). This should align it more with other weapons.

Curse of the jungle god | Tentacle shot

  • Tentacle Shot: Increased baseline regeneration per hit from 1.25 to 4.5 to compensate for loss of Triage
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since tentacles don’t change locations, we thought it would be more appropriate if they reward more health for controlling an area. The increase was due in part to the correction to Triage and in part to improving it overall.

Spitfire | Flamethrower

  • Flamethrower – Fixed a bug that caused Flame Puddles to deal incorrect damage (considerably low)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flame Puddles was doing 5 base damage. They now deal considerably more damage (as intended). Give it a try!

Fusion rifle

  • Fusion Cannon: Reduced pre-fire delay from 0.6s to 0.35s
  • Fusion Cannon – Fixed an issue that caused the beam to fire in the wrong directions
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Previously, the barrel tip was pointed toward the reticle. At close range this made the shot point more to the right and up, so if you had multiple enemies lined up it would only hit the enemy in front (not the enemies behind because the front enemy was pulling the trajectory towards the right in an extreme way). It now shoots from the pointing direction of the gun, which makes it work at all distances … you know, how we intended!


  • Vaccine
  • Trait level 0 no longer prevents debuffs from stacking
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Just fixing an oversight.


  • Wasteland Goodboy
  • Informed Wasteland (Very) Goodboy on how much community love he’s been getting
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: I ​​mean, he’s still the nicest guy.

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