Rainbow Six: Operation Steel Wave Everything you need to know about

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Operation Steel Wave is the name of the upcoming season for the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. Find out what is already known about the forthcoming update here. We are also picking up some leaks that should be enjoyed with caution as this is unconfirmed, unofficial information. At the end of the respective sections, we will link you to all the sources used or directly link the corresponding contributions from Reddit & Co.

Wait patiently – release in June at the earliest.

Operation Steel Wave will most likely be released around or directly on June 9, 2020. This date can be calculated because a new season in Rainbow Six always starts three weeks after the offline finals of the past professional esports season. Although the finals of the past eleventh season are not taking place in São Paulo due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament management put them on the 16th and 17th of May in the original planning.

If you then add the three-week test phase on the technical test servers and consider that updates to Rainbow Six and many other games usually appear on a Tuesday, then you get to the said June 9. However, this date is neither confirmed nor fixed as problems and delays can occur at any time. Ubisoft introduced the test phase so that possible bugs are discovered and removed before the release.

What has already been confirmed?

In addition to many speculations and some so-called leaks, there is also confirm information about the second season of the fifth year. In addition to the name, Steel Wave, we also know that, unlike in season three (year five), there will still be two operators. These will come from South Africa and Norway and will bear the names Melusi and Ace. Furthermore, the Map House will receive a revision, which should appear with the release of Steel Wave.

However, the revised version of the map is neither intended for e-sports nor the rank mode and will probably only be playable in the “quick match.” In the course of the season, an event Battlepass will follow again, although an exact date has not been given.

Rainbow Six: Operation Steel Wave

Brand new this Friday evening, Sony was the first to publish the unveiling trailer of the two new operators Ace and Melusi, on the PlayStation YouTube channel. Previously, there were rumors on Reddit that the new elite soldiers from South Africa and Norway should bear the names of Philisiwe and Odin. But the supposed scientists were wrong there too.

For a few minutes, we have been able to say with certainty that many of the information about the two operators – such as gadgets and nationality – is correct, but not their names. These are Melusi and Ace. Defender 

Melusi brings – if the information of the speculations is correct – has an armor value of three and a speed rating of one. According to the leaks, their T-5 SMG (Lesions SMG) could be equipped with an ACOG. Furthermore, the ITA12L (Mira’s primary shotgun) and the RG15 (Ela’s pistol) fill up their loadout.

The leak in the last section says that their unique operator gadget should be called “Smart Wire.” That wire slows enemies, causes damage, and detects enemy devices, although the wire is said to be resistant to melee attacks due to its own movement.

The Norwegian attacker Ace, on the other hand, is supposed to be able to choose between two of the best weapons in the game with Jackal’s C7E and Fuzes AK-12. But his second weapons don’t have to hide either if the as-yet unconfirmed information is correct. In addition to the SDP 9mm, which is the pistol of Mozzie and Gridlock, it also has the PMM used by the Russian operators. This extremely powerful handgun is also one of the best in the game. Since it has a double rating in terms of armor and speed, it would represent a balanced operator in relation to those values.

His unique gadget is called “Spider-Drone”. Those drones (the plural was mentioned in the leak ) could climb walls and ceilings and drill holes in “soft” walls. What these holes can be used for and how big they are was not mentioned. But the drones can do even more. According to the leaks, they should fire a charge that restores the health of the attacker within range.

Operation Steel Wave – New Operators Reveal Trailer

Very little of all this information can be found in the freshly released trailer. So Ace wears a headlamp, Melusi climbs a tree, and from there, he attacks a supposed enemy with a pistol. In the video section, sound waves are visualized, which could indicate a detection mechanism.

The assumption that Ace could act with hole-drilling drones is supported by the fact that he speaks in the trailer about the stability of walls that could not stop him. See and hear for yourself:

Rainbow Six: Operation Steel Wave

Unfortunately, all other well-founded information has so far been hidden from us. But next week, Monday, May 18, 2020, we should learn more. At 6:00 p.m., Operation Steel Wave will be fully unveiled on the Rainbow 6 Twitch channel.

Echo Elite and other leaks

Like every season, there are some alleged leaks, information, and speculations that have never been confirmed by Ubisoft. For example, the community has been waiting for months for an elite uniform circulating on the Internet by the Polish attacker Zofia. Only recently, an elite uniform for the Japanese defender Echo was added. This comes up with a kind of ninja outfit. In an animation shown, he throws his drone, called yokai, like a throwing star.

Operator buffs, nerfs and other changes

Finally, we present to you the leaks, which alleged operator changes concern. Those other leaks say:

  • Doc: The bulletproof camera is being replaced by contact grenades
  • Doc gets 2 armor / 2 speed
  • Doc loses his ACOG
  • -> Rook should stay as he is so that he differs more from Doc
  • Blitz: Target faster
  • Amaru: Target faster after using her unique gadget
  • Nøkk: FMG-9 should get ACOG
  • Jackal: Loses ITA12S (Secondary Shotgun)
  • The attackers’ explosive devices are reduced from three to two
  • All Russians get the same visors as the other units
  • Hunter: barbed wire is replaced by C4
  • IQ: Explosive devices are replaced by smoke grenades
  • Ying: loss of a candela (from four to three)

Rainbow Six: Operation Steel Wave Source for the alleged adjustments: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/g06vle/is_it_true_saw_this_y5s2_balance_changes_leak_in/

FNATIC content creator and streamer ‘BikiniBodhi’ speaks out against the authenticity of the leaks that have become known. According to its own statements, it has the opportunity to already play and test the new operation. In related tweets, he explains that much of the information published so far do not correspond to the real adjustments.

Competitive map pool

In addition to new content, many changes in gameplay, and the change in e-sports from ESL to FaceIT, there will also be a change in the map pool of competitive gaming and the e-sports tournaments/leagues. The longstanding E-Sport Map border is replaced by the revised version of Oregon. Oregon was previously included in the old original variant in the competitions map pool and was even played regularly in offline final games.

One of them was the legendary victory of ENCE eSports in the final of the third ProLeague Season offline finals in São Paulo against the Brazilian team of the Black Dragons. ENCE included Juhani ‘Kantoraketti’ Toivonen (now G2 Esports) and Ville ‘Sha77e’ Palola (now Chaos EC). In the coming season, they will play against each other in the European League and, accordingly, are still active as players in the Oregon comeback.

The information about Oregon’s return revealed to us the qualification rules for the Canada Division. Since registration for that qualification round began on May 11, organizer FaceIt published the rules applicable to the qualification. Among other things, this contained the map pool for the tournament.

About Rainbow Six Siege

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