PUBG News: Season 7 launch date for PC, Xbox One And PS4

And the PUBG caravan moves on one more time. As the developers behind the famous Battle Royale shooter announced today, April 4, 2020, the PUBG Season 7 of the game will begin in April. At least on the PC. Experience has shown that the consoles follow a few weeks later.

The announcement was made via a short teaser video, which is just 39 seconds long and listens to the treacherous title “SEVEN”. You can see the inside of a train in which a television is running. In its program, in turn, short, noisy sequences refer to the so-called “Dinoland”, which we can travel to from April 22. This is the date on which the new content is to come under the motto “All aboard the train”. What the train still transports is a lot of equipment for the struggle for survival. Helmets and gas masks are already ready.

PUBG News: Season 7 launch date for PC, Xbox One And PS4
PUBG News: Season 7 launch date for PC, Xbox One And PS4

PUBG Season 7 Vikendi comes back

The entire scenario points to a big comeback of the “Vikendi” card, which last had to pause in season 6 due to the different card rotation and the card “Karakin” that was added last. It remains to be seen how exactly the content of “Vikendi” will be changed. In addition to visual adjustments to the areas, a balancing update is also to be expected, which relates to loot distribution and other details.

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About PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (short: PUBG) is one of the most successful Battle Royale titles. In this action-packed multiplayer game, 100 players usually fight for survival alone or in teams on a map. Based on the Japanese manga and film model “Battle Royale”, PUBG is one of the most popular representatives of the genre.

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