PUBG News: PUBG update 7.1 brings Vikendi, new weapon and more

On Tuesday, April 14th, Update 7.1 made it to the test servers in PUBG. There the patch, which among other things brings the Vikendi card back in a new form, can be tried out extensively. In addition to an extensive train route, the new Dinoland, a new blanket of snow and much more are also included.

With the latest patch, the developers also bring the new survival pass “Cold Front”, a new map selection based on regions and the new weapon Mosin-Nagant. Furthermore, the performance and stability will be tightened again and some improvements of the “Quality of Life” should find their way into PUBG.

The survival pass

With “Cold Front”, PUBG Corp. again this season, players have the opportunity to unlock a number of rewards for their time invested in the game. This includes, among other things, a lot of new outfits from uniforms of the Dinoland employees and mascot costumes to other thematic looks, it says in the announcement.

In addition, there are again various tasks ranging from seasonal missions to community and progress missions to challenge missions. If you try these challenges, you will progress considerably faster.

The card selection

There is also good news for all players who like certain cards but don’t like others. Because in the following regions, players can again choose freely on which island they want to fight for survival (including Vikendi!):

  • Australia
  • Korea / Japan
  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • Russia

Matchmaking is different in North America. Vikendi will be playable there in future via the “advertised card” option, while all other cards can be found in a separate random queue. If the queues get too long, reserve yourself to go back to the completely random player search, as will be the case from the beginning in Oceania and Latin America.

PUBG News:The new weapon: Mosin-Nagant

Players of other shooters may already be familiar with the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle because it has often been used in titles such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. In the future, it will be available on the Vikendi and Erangel cards in PUBG.

For the first time, however, this does not work in its own way. Because of the now extremely large variety of weapons, players want to be spared even longer searches for their favorite equipment. Against this background, the Mosin-Nagant is a replica of the Kar98k of its values ​​and behavior in combat one on one. Only the optics and the sound should be unique and differ from the existing rifle.

The developers emphasize that this is an experiment that you want to wait to see how it will be received by the community and can make adjustments in the future if necessary.

PUBG – Patch Report – Update 7.1

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