Pokémon GO – This is where Team GO Rocket will return

Almost two weeks ago the unthinkable happened in Pokémon GO, how Team GO rocket grunts and balloons just disappeared from the game. At the time, it seemed like a temporary measure. Players of the latest version of the game had freezes and crashes when they encountered the nefarious enemies, so Niantic disabled their appearance in the game. Players figured it wouldn’t be long, but it’s only now that we get an idea of ​​when Team GO Rocket Grunts and Balloons will be returning to Pokémon GO.

When will Team GO Rocket Grunts and Balloons be back in Pokémon GO?

The answer came twelve days after the bad guys were removed from the game as Niantic updated their official Known Issues Page. On the entry about Team GO Rocket that is causing the game to freeze, they have now marked the status as “Fixed in an upcoming update”. This, of course, doesn’t fully answer the question of when will they be back, but it does tell us that they will be back soon. (Note: We’ll update this page when we know more about the final version, so please check again for changes.)

Whenever the next major update comes out, it should fix the underlying problem. However, this is not the complete solution as it will take some players time to update. So this could drag on for a while, possibly well into May if the update isn’t released in the next day or two. The reason for the extra time is that all players need to be on the new version as the problem seems to be on the actual app side, not the servers, which Niantic can patch at will.

So the process will be as follows and when everything is done, Team GO Rocket will be back in Pokémon GO.

  • Niantic releases the latest update
  • Players will download the update from both Google Play and the iPhone App Store
  • Niantic will force the latest update to be used
    • This will take additional time for all players to download the latest version
  • Team GO Rocket returns

Of course, we need to fill in some loopholes here as Niantic doesn’t send any information about it outside of the topic page. Anyone who gets all of their information from in-game sources has likely been very confused about what happened to much of the gaming experience. However, the long wait will soon be over and players can no longer wonder when Team GO Rocket Grunts and Balloons will be returning to Pokémon GO.

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