Pokémon GO Retro Cup – Best Pokémon for your team (May 2021)

The GO Battle League opens an interesting new chapter in Pokémon GO with the start of a new one Retro cup. In contrast to the “Anything Goes” rules in the Master League, this themed arena limits which characters you can choose and thus also the opponents you have to face. As usual, this has completely messed up the Pokémon GO PvP meta. You compete against teams that only consist of certain types. So you need to make sure that you have the best counterattacks against the top competitors. To help out, here is our Pokémon GO Retro Cup guide to the best Pokémon for your team in May 2021.

What types of Pokémon are allowed in the Retro Cup?

Scroll down if you just want the list of the best Pokémon for the Retro Cup in May 2021, but first let’s break down which Pokémon types are allowed so you can understand the meta even better. Only the first 15 Pokémon types introduced in the main series are allowed in the Retro Cup, which means Dark, Steel and Fairy are excluded. That leaves us with …

  • normal
  • Fire
  • water
  • grass
  • Electric
  • ice
  • struggle
  • Poison
  • ground
  • Flying
  • Clairvoyant
  • error
  • rock
  • ghost
  • Dragon

Along with that is a CP cap of 1500 which means you will be using some really unique species in these fights. The lack of Dark, Steel and especially Fairy attackers makes you rethink your entire strategy when it comes to building your team. Dragons get a lot more viable for some battles, but that also means their tokens are all over the meta. Ultimately, most of our best Pokémon come from the Normal, Psychic, Ice, and Grass types. You can find a large selection in the following list.

The best Retro Cup Pokémon team in May 2021

Below is our full list of the best Pokémon for your Retro Cup team. We always recommend picking one or two from this list as they are the top competitors in the field. However, others will pick from them too, so you should look for counters and make sure your team is reporting across different types. When you have picked one or two for your team, check which harms they are harmed against and which they are weak against, and try to cover their weaknesses and improve their strengths.

Note: Some Pokémon will not appear in the list if they are not switched on via Candy XL. These are marked with (XL) so that if you don’t have enough to get them anywhere near 1500 CP, you can avoid them.

Pokémon Art Fast attack Charged attack Resists against Weak against
Lickitung (XL) normal Lick Power whip ghost struggle
Cresselia Clairvoyant Psycho cut Grass Knot, Moonblast or Future Sight Clairvoyant, fighting Bug, Dark, Ghost
Froslass Ice and spirit Powder snow Avalanche and shadow ball Normal, poison, ice, fighting, beetle Dark, fire, spirit, stone, steel
Regirock rock Lock on Stone Edge and Focus Blast Poison, normal, flies, fire Fight, grass, ground, steel, water
Abomasnow (XL) Grass and ice Powder snow Weather ball (ice) Water, soil, grass, electric Fire, beetle, fighting, flying, poison, stone, steel
Altaria Dragon and flies Mud shot Rock slide or earthquake Soil, grass, water, fire, fight, beetle Ice, dragon, fairy, stone
Chansey (XL) normal lb Psychic and Hyper Beam ghost struggle
Deoxys (defense) Clairvoyant counter Rock Slide and Psycho Boost Clairvoyant, fighting Bug, Dark, Ghost
Drifblim Ghost and flies Hex Shadow ball and icy wind Fighting, Normal, Ground, Beetle, Poison, Grass Dark, electric, ghost, ice, rock
Dewgong Water and ice ice floe Icy wind and water pulse Ice water Electric, fighting, grass, rock

And these are our tips for the best Pokémon for your team in May 2021 in the Pokémon GO Retro Cup.

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