Pokémon GO – Mega Lopunny Counters and Raid Guide

The spring-in-spring event begins Pokémon GO and Mega Lopunny comes with. This new raid boss from Mega Evolved presents players with a new challenge and a new Dex entry to collect. But to do all of that, you have to beat him. So, head to the closest gym with an active raid and check out the best Mega Lopunny counters in our full Pokémon GO raid guide below.

The best Mega Lopunny Counter

Mega Lopunny is a normal and fighting Pokémon that gives you some solid options for countering him. The fight can be tough, especially when the weather is against you (see more below). However, with a good team, you can win without too much worry or worry. Check out the table below to find the best brands against Mega Lopunny in Pokémon GO. This table focuses on standard characters that are available to most players. If you have Shadow Pokémon or know how to Mega Evolve someone, read on to see who is the best among these groups.

PokémonFast attackCharged attack
LatiosZen headbuttClairvoyant
Competition durrcounterDynamic beat
MoltresWing attackSky attack
MetagrossZen headbuttClairvoyant
LucariocounterAura sphere
MachampcounterDynamic beat

When it comes to Shadow Pokémon, many of the above candidates have solid candidates. If you have a Shadow version of Mewtwo, Metagross, or Moltres with the moveset listed above, you can use them and they should do extra damage to Mega Lopunny. Shadow Alakazam with Confusion and Psychic is also a good counter-choice. You have fewer options for Mega Pokémon, with Mega Pidgeot being the best choices with Gust and Brave Bird. Mega Charizard Y with Air Slash and Blast Burn or Mega Gengar with Sucker Punch and Psychic are decent alternatives.

Now that you know the best brands of Mega Lopunny, you may have more questions. For more information, see the full raid guide below.

Mega Lopunny Raid Guide

Here is our complete Mega Lopunny Raid Guide for Pokémon GO. This is focused on first appearing in April 2021, so we will update or post a new guide for any returns.

When do Mega Lopunny Raids start and end?

Mega Lopunny raids begin with the spring-in-sprin event on Sunday, April 4th at 10 a.m. local time. While this event will only last a few days, the raids will continue at least until the end of the month. We don’t have confirmation yet, but don’t expect Mega Lopunny to be available after Firday April 30th at 10am local time.

How many players does it take to beat Mega Lopunny?

The faster you defeat Mega Lopunny, the more Mega Energy you get. So try to work with as many players as possible. If you want to know if you can beat him we recommend working with at least 4 coaches who are getting a boost either through friendship or a solid team of counters activated as listed above. You may be able to win with fewer players, but it would be a challenge.

Weather reinforcements

This is how the weather will affect your fight against Mega Lopunny.

  • Cloudy – Boosts Mega Lopunny’s battle attacks, but also your battle and fairy tokens
  • Partly cloudy – amplifies Mega Lopunny’s normal attacks
  • Sunny / Clear – Increases Mega Lopunny’s fire attacks
  • Windy – Boosts flying and psychic counters

Can Mega Lopunny be shiny?

Yes, Mega Lopunny can be shiny in April 2021. After you beat him and enter the encounter screen, you may be rewarded with a shiny Lopunny to catch and add to your collection. Once you have the 200 Mega Lopunny Energy available, you can Mega Evolve any shiny Lopunny you caught through other encounters.

And those are the best Mega Lopunny brands and a complete raid guide for Pokémon GO.

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