Pokémon GO Master League – The best Pokémon for your team (March and April 2021)

GO Battle League Season 7 continues its march to its epic conclusion Pokémon GO with the debut of Master League and Master League Classic in March 2021. The return of this world-class battle arena offers players another chance to refine their teams. The leaderboard hasn’t changed too much since Season 6, but you should still double check that you’re using the best. Here’s our Pokémon GO Master League guide to the best Pokémon for your team in March and April 2021.

The best Master League Pokémon for March and April 2021

The Master League and Master League Classic run from Monday, March 29 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time through Monday, April 5, at 4:00 p.m. when all leagues are switched. Below is a table of the best Pokémon to use in the Master League in March 2021. Master League Classic is also offered and blocks XL-capable characters. The list doesn’t change much for that, so we’ve merged them. You can use the table below to choose your team for either playlist and be sure you’re using the best of the best.

Just pick one or two from our list that you’d like to build your team around. Take a look at their type and what harm they may be weak or resisting to damage, and try to plug holes with others on the list or the top of your CP list.
Note: If they are marked with (XL) they are better for the Master League than the Master League Classic where they may be too weak.

PokémonArtFast attackCharged attackResists damage byWeak against
Swampert (XL)Water and soilMud shotHydro cannonSteel, stone, poison, fire, electricsgrass
GroudongroundMud shotEarthquake or fire strikeElectric, stone, poisonGrass, ice, water
MelmetalstoleClap of thunderSuperpower or rock slidePoison, steel, stone, clairvoyant, normal, ice, grass, flies, fairy, dragon, beetleFight, fire, ground
Giratina (original form)Spirit and dragonShadowclawShadow ballNormal, Fight, Water, Poison, Grass, Fire, Electric, BeetleDark, dragon, fairy, ghost, ice
Gyarados (XL)Water and fliesDragon breath or waterfallAqua Tail and CrunchSoil, water, steel, fire, fight, beetleElectric, rock
MewtwoClairvoyantPsycho cutPsystrikeClairvoyant, fightingBug, Dark, Ghost
PalkiaWater and dragonDragon breathAqua TailWater, fire, steelDragon, fairy
ZekromDragon and electricsDragon breathWild chargeElectric, water, steel, grass, flying, fireDragon, fairy, ground, ice
PalkiaWater and dragonDragon breathAqua TailWater, fire, steelDragon, fairy
MetagrossSteel and clairvoyantBullet punchMeteor MashClairvoyant, poison, steel, stone, normal, ice, grass, flies, fairy, dragonDark, fire, spirit, ground

So these are the best Pokémon for your Master League or Master League Classic teams in March and April 2021. However, these are not the only leagues available in GBL. Also, be sure to check out our Great League guide if you need any help there.

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