Pokémon GO – Jump in Spring Field Research Guide

The news Pokémon GO The event has started bringing a number of exclusive things with it, including some special ones Jump in Spring field research assignments. This seasonal themed celebration is great fun for players, but much of it is centered around the tasks given to you by some Poké Stops. To help you decide which tasks to do and which to delete, here is our guide to Spring Research for Pokémon GO, which is where you can find all of the tasks and rewards.

Jump into Spring field research tasks and rewards

Below are all of the currently identified field research tasks for spring-in-spring events and their rewards. We’ll focus on the Pokémon encounter rewards as the others are already clearly telling you what you are going to get. To find out if you have an event-exclusive task, simply look for the yellowish-orange border and the tag “event” in the menu.

Make sure to keep a research slot open when spinning Poké Stops to see if you can get one. When you’ve completed and redeemed it, you should get the encounter listed below. We have marked the ones that can be shiny with (S).

  • Fang 5 Exeggcute – Flower Crown Pikachu (S) or Flower Crown Eevee (S)
  • Catch 15 Exeggcute – Azumarill (S)
  • Fang 25 Exeggcute – Corolla Chansey (S)
  • TBD – Rufflet (S)

Most of these tasks have you with a lot of exeggcute to catch. This may seem frustrating, but luckily, they are quite common in the wild during the spring-in-spring event. You should be able to get a bunch just by walking or using incense.

And that’s our Spring in Spring Field Research Guide to Pokémon GO. We’ll update this as more players join. So check back to see the final list closer to the event, or after receiving one, not sure if you want to keep it.

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