Pokémon GO ‘Jump in Spring’ Event Guide – Everything You Need to Know

The Spring into spring Event rolls in all over the world Pokémon GO. This spring season celebration offers players plenty of bonuses and activities for the next few days. But when so busy it can get a little confusing and nobody wants to miss it. To help you get the most of it all, here’s our Spring-in-Spring Event Guide for Pokémon GO, which has everything you need to know for the April 2021 celebration.

Jump in Spring Event Guide for Pokémon GO

Here’s everything you need to know about the Spring-in-Spring event in Pokémon GO.

When does the spring-in-spring event start and end?

The Spring-in-Spring event starts on Sunday, April 4 at 10 a.m. local time in Pokémon GO. You will then only have a few days to make the most of all the bonuses and activities. Things will end at 8 p.m. local time on Thursday, April 8th. What bonuses and activities are there? See below.

Spring in Spring Event – All bonuses

Everything is going on here during the Spring-in-Spring event in Pokémon GO.

  • 2x hatch candy
  • 1 hour Lucky Egg duration
  • 1/2 egg incubation distance
  • Mega Lopunny debuts in Mega Raids
    • See how to beat and the best counters here
  • Shiny Bunnelby and Diggersby make their debut
  • A spring collection challenge
    • Rewards: Lucky Egg, Mega Lopunny Energy, and XP
  • Event exclusive field research tasks and rewards
    • Includes the new flower hat Happiny, Chansey and Blissey
  • Event-themed spawns and eggs (see below)
  • Event exclusive stickers
  • New spring avatar items
  • Encounter with Shadow Exeggcute more common from Team GO Rocket Grunts

Which Pokémon spawn in the wild in spring into spring?

Here are all the Pokémon that appear more frequently in the wild during the event. Those that can be shiny are marked with (S).

  • Pikachu (flower hat) (S)
  • Exeggcute (S)
  • Marill (S)
  • Plusle (S)
  • My (S)
  • Buneary (S)
  • Bunnelby (S)

Which Pokémon hatch from the eggs in spring into spring?

Here’s what can hatch from 2km long eggs collected by Poké Stops during the event. Shiny capable are marked with (S).

  • Exeggcute (S)
  • Eevee (flower hat) (S)
  • Pichu (flower hat) (S)
  • Togepi (S)
  • Azurill (S)
  • Buneary (S)
  • Luck (flower hat) (S)
  • Munchlax
  • Ruffles (S)
  • Bunnelby (S)

And that’s our spring-in-spring event guide for Pokémon GO. Check for updates as the event progresses as we learn more or make changes.

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