Pokémon GO – Is it worth the ticket for roasted berries (Tepig Community Day)

July 2021 is a packed month for Pokémon GO so it starts with an event on the very first weekend Tepig Community Day and the Roasted berry ticket Special research quest. This optional part of the event costs only $ 1 but offers some premium items as rewards. At least if it follows the latest trends. We won’t know the full rewards for a day or two, but for now we can offer our advice based on previous events. Is it worth the ticket for roasted berries for Tepig Community Day in Pokémon GO?

Is the roasted berry ticket worth it?

Should you buy the Tepig Community Day ticket titled Roasted Berries? This is a question that every Pokémon GO player will be worried about when the ticket appears in the in-game shop (it may not be immediately available by the time you’re reading this, so check back later). These ticket collaborative research quests have seen a lot of changes in the past few months, so it’s an important question to ask yourself. Even at the lowest level, it usually yielded items worth more than $ 1, but sometimes these items were less useful for some players so they were easy to skip over.

Over the past few years, however, the Community Day tickets have picked up again and, in addition to the additional and high-profile encounters with the featured Pokémon, offer some useful and valuable items. This is what the players got out of the last CD ticket Just a Nibble: 15 Poké, Great, and Ultra Balls, 10 Pinap Berries, 2 Silver Pinap Berries, a Rocket Radar, 2 Rare Candy, 100 Gible Candy, 2 Incense, a Lucky Egg, 5,000 stardust and 7,500 XP. This is in addition to 4 gible encounters, a gabite encounter, and a garchomp encounter with all of the candy they offer.

So that was pretty much useful stuff for only $ 1, and the Roasted Berries ticket is expected to produce similar results. If you’re just replacing the Gible encounters and Candy with Tepig, you should have a good idea of ​​what to expect from the Tepig Community Day ticket. Of course, with Tepig being a rarer spawn, you also have to wonder how much you’ll be playing during the event, which takes place on Saturday 3rd July. If you are planning on playing for a few hours, the Roasted Berries ticket is probably worth buying. Otherwise, we recommend that you wait until the event starts and only buy it if you have been playing for a long time.

These are our thoughts on whether the Roasted Berry Ticket in Pokémon GO is worth it. Check out the closest Tepig Community Day for a full breakdown of the tasks and rewards offered by Specialized Research if you’d like more information.