Pokémon GO – How to Refer Friends

The Referral from a friend The system that was introduced in Australia some time ago has now been rolled out to everyone Pokémon GO Players worldwide (or soon). Trainers can invite their friends to join the game for the first time or come back after a long absence with offered bonuses if they achieve certain goals. But how does it all work? Here’s how to recommend friends in Pokémon GO.

How to match friends

Follow these steps to refer friends to Pokémon GO.

  • Open the Friends menu
  • Tap Invite
  • Copy your reference code
  • Give this code to a friend or share it online
  • You will need to enter this code when creating or reactivating your account
  • Make sure to add the player to your friends list
    • Give them your friend code from the Friends menu or use yours to add them
  • Check out the player page on your friends list to see progress for bonuses and rewards

In short, you just want to give them your referral code which they enter when creating their account. Then make sure you’re friends in Pokémon GO and ready to go. Now it’s just a game of waiting for them to complete certain tasks that will give you and them different rewards.

How to get rewards and bonuses for referring friends

Once they’ve joined the game with your Pokémon GO Referral Code and you’ve added them as a friend, you’re now linked. When they have completed the progress on various tasks, you can go to the relevant profile pages to redeem rewards for the tasks.

Transfer orderReward – Newr or returning playerReward – Referrer
Hatching 3 eggs1 rare candyGalarian Farfetch would meet
Win a raid1 Premium Battle PassBagon encounter
Win 3 raidsLapra’s encounter1 Premium Battle Pass
Win 20 raids3 super incubators5 super incubators
Catch 50 Pokémon1 super incubatorDarumaka encounter
Catch 1000 Pokémon3 Premium Battle Passes3 incense
Hatching 20 eggsChansey encounterYour encounter
Give buddy 50 treats5 rare candiesGible encounter
Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket GruntsCharizard encounterCharizard encounter
Defeat a Team Go rocket leader50 Mega Charizard energy50 Mega Charizard energy
Swap 5 Pokémon10 pidgey stickers10 pidgey stickers
Make 2 new friends10 Pikachu stickers10 Pikachu stickers
Make 100 nice throwsSnorlax encounter2 super incubators
Earn 50 candies running with a buddy5 Premium Battle Passes30 rare candies
Visit Poké Stops for 30 days in a rowa Pokémon encountera Pokémon encounter

This is how you can refer friends in Pokémon GO and receive rewards through the new friend referral program.

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