Pokémon GO – How to Catch Corolla Pikachu for the Collection Challenge

The Jump in Spring Collection Challenge has started in Pokémon GO and players are desperate to find some of the rarer characters to catch. Flower Crown Pikachu is among the toughest and is rarely found in the wild. But there is a trick, so here’s how to catch Flower Crown Pikachu for the Spring in Spring Collection challenge in Pokémon GO.

How to catch Corolla Pikachu in Pokémon GO

As we note in the full spring-in-spring event guide, Flower Crown Pikachu will appear in the wild. However, the spawn rate is likely not high enough for those who don’t have a lot of time to play. However, if you look at your radar screen nearby, you might find one that popped up near you or, with a bit of luck, one that appears right next to you with a bit of luck.

For those who are not incense, your best friend will be. If you use one, you’ll get mostly event-exclusive Pokémon spawns for an hour. If you play it through, there’s a good chance you will catch Flower Crown Pikachu. But it’s not a guarantee, and the luck of random numbers can sometimes wear off. Instead, you might want to focus on one of the few guaranteed ways to get one.

Spring-spring field research can reward you with Flower Crown Pikachu. Catch 5 Exeggcute is the mission you want to look for. Spin Poké Stops until you get it and make sure you have a free research slot before you spin. Once you do, just catch the required exeggcute, which should be easy since it is a frequent spawn, then redeem it to get your Flower Crown Pikachu encounter as a reward.

Can Flower Crown Pikachu be shiny?

And when you cash it in or come across one in the wild, keep an eye out for the subtle color difference and sparkles that mark a shiny Pokémon. Flower Crown Pikachu can be shiny, so be careful and try to face as many as you can, even after you finish the Collection Challenge. There isn’t a big trick to getting Shiny Flower Crown Pikachu. Just meet as many as you can and hopefully you will get one at some point.

And so you can catch Flower Crown Pikachu for the Spring in Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO. For more help with the mission, check out our complete guide to the Gathering Challenge.

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